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Meet The Team > Steve Coe - Investigator & Team Leader
Steve Coe - Investigator & Team Leader
Published by Founder on 03/07/2011 (2714 reads)

Hi I’m Steve, since a very young age I have been fascinated with the Paranormal, after finding my ma's books on ghost's and everything spooky Id flick through them only to be pretty much hooked!
I did go for a few years not really doing anything about my fascination but it was always there in the back of my mind niggling away at me, until I got to a point where I had to do something.

I had a few friends that loved everything Paranormal too so spent allot of time exploring everything ghostly and spiritual with them. I also attended a development circle for a time which gave me a massive insight into the workings of spirits and how we can make that special contact with them.

Even though I believe I have made contact and have seen, heard and felt a great number of things I consider to be Paranormal and after everything I have learnt over the years I am still at a lose to a point of how it all works on this side of life and in the spirit world? so the search continues on!
I hope being a part of this great team together we can find that definitive proof of the spirit world and find out more about our loved ones that have passed and help others that have also passed over to the spirit world as we know it.
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