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Investigation Reports > Fort Purbrook - 19th January 2008
Fort Purbrook - 19th January 2008
Published by Founder on 17/02/2010 (3586 reads)

Investigation Report

Location: Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Date:19th January 2008
Time Start: 21.00
Time Finish: 02.00

Weather Conditions: Overcast and very damp

Investigation Team:

David Scanlan – Director of Investigations
Tony Preston – Assistant Director of Investigations
Evette Rogers – Sensitive
Bob Hunt – Investigator
11 Guests

Investigation Summary

Trigger Objects & Dusting Experiments:

The trigger objects below were set in their respective areas. Those that have moved without explanation have quoted how much movement was noted.

Tudor Ring – Ground floor Chalk Tunnel – 2mm
Christian Fish – Ground floor Chalk Tunnel – No movement
Childs Toy – Ground floor Chalk Tunnel – 2mm
Small Bible – Ground floor Chalk Tunnel – 2mm
Tudor Ring – Ground floor Chalk Tunnel – 2mm
Russian Star - 1st Floor Chalk Tunnel – No movement
Dagger - 1st Floor Chalk Tunnel – No movement
Russian Military Emblem – Shower room in accommodation block – No movement
Celtic cross - Shower room in accommodation block – No movement
Lead Tudor Figurine - Shower room in accommodation block – No movement
Coin – Fire exit of the accommodation block – 1mm movement
Coin – Fire exit of the accommodation block – 2mm movement
Coin – Fire exit of the accommodation block - 2mm movement
Crucifix – Balcony of the accommodation block – 3mm movement

Vigil Information:

Vigil 1 – 21.10
Vigil 2 – 22.25
Vigil 3 – 23.40

Vigil 1 – Team 1 – Accommodation Block

During this vigil an emf reading of 1mg rising to 4 & 5mg was noted in the Fred Nicholson room. This appeared to be in conjunction with Dave Hancock’s statement “there’s someone sitting at the table”. After asking the spirit to move back the readings returned to normal.

Evette Rogers claims to have sensed the presence of a black dog. This information was supported by an increase in emf to 2mg.

Jennifer Hancock and Barbara Blackburn both reported hearing the sound of something rolling across the floor at 21.00. A small metal screw was found on the floor and the team members are sure this was not already on the floor earlier during the vigil.

During this vigil video recording was conducted of the passageway leading to the shower block but provided no results.

Motion sensor in place on entrance door. This door allegedly has opened by its own volition on previous occasions but failed to on this occasion.

Uneasy feelings from Barbara Blackburn when standing on the balcony.

Just to the right of Room 9A an emf increase to 2mg was noted.

Whilst in the Deusburgh room Dave Hancock stated that he had several taps emanate from the glass.

EVP experiment conducted at 21.30 but failed to yield any results

EVP experiment conducted at 21.39 but failed to yield any results

Vigil 1 – Team 2 – Thunder Tunnel

Feelings of dizziness reported by Stuart James and Peter, Peter also felt as if “he was being watched”

Vigil -1 – Team 3 – Chalk Tunnel

Nothing to report other than some strange anomalies in some photographs including streaking lights and also unusual “darkness” patches which appears in one photo.

Vigil 1 – Team 4 – East Lower Tunnel

Other than the sudden smell of boot polish noted by Stephanie Ings and Rachel Mcevoy nothing else was noted.

Vigil 2 – Team 1 – Chalk Tunnel 1st Floor

Orb photography session, cameras used included a Samsung Digimax D73 & Fujitsu Finepix S5600.

During this vigil Dave Hancock attempted communication with any possible ghosts using a pendulum. The pendulum spun and according to Dave Hancock confirmed the location of a vortex which he believes exists in the tunnel.

Jennifer Hancock claimed to have felt someone grab her arm.

Vigil 2 – Team 2 – Accommodation Block

2mg emf reading in shower room and 1-2mg reading in the Fred Nicholson and Deusburgh rooms. Sudden low feeling of a blast of cold air even though no draughts were present, this cold air was also accompanied by an increase in emf.

Time Index Event

Vigil 2 – Team 3 – East Lower Tunnel

Nothing to report. Temperature was recorded at 11°C, a two degree increase in temperature compared to earlier readings and this was not expected and in theory the temperature should have decreased with the conditions present.

Vigil 2 – Team 4 – Thunder Tunnel

General feelings of being watched and scratching noises heard by John Alison in rooms at the bottom left. Staff had previously informed Director David Scanlan that the night previous to this investigation a different paranormal group had some good results with a clear evp saying “follow me” and also the eye witness account of person standing in the room. During this vigil it was also noted that a two tone hum was heard similar to a woman’s hum.

Vigil 3 – Team 1 – Thunder Tunnel

During this vigil Evette Rogers and Martin Saban Smith conducted an evp session whilst sitting on the stairs. After Evette asked the question “how many people are there with you” a response is heard stating “6”. Psychic impressions were also gained and are reported in the psychic impressions section of this report. Martin Saban Smith asked the man if he would come down from the stairs and a set of dowsing rods that were being used crossed to signify a yes but further information and evidence was not forthcoming.

Vigil 3 – Team 2 – East Lower Tunnel

Nothing to report.

Vigil 3 – Team 3 – Accommodation Block

Nothing to report other than minor movement during glass tilting. The glass moved when questions were asked in French but not in English.

Vigil 3 – Team 4 – Chalk Tunnel

During this evp bangs were noted which appeared to come in response to questions. Carly Hunt complained of suddenly feeling hot and then a red mark similar to a heat rash was noted on her left cheek. This has happened to Carly previously at investigations at Fort Widley. Upon moving to the upstairs both Carly Hunt and Stephanie Ings both reported suddenly feeling sick and very uneasy, Carly also noted a bad headache when leaving the tunnels.

Psychic Impressions:

Black Dog in the accommodation block – Evette Rogers

Man following team four after vigil three. He stopped by the fire exit stairs – Barbara Blackburn.

Man sitting on the stairs in Thunder Tunnel. He appeared to be crying and was a young man of around 20 years old – Evette Rogers

Misc. Experiments:

21.00 – Time lapse photography of the compass staircase. One shot every 20 seconds with each shot being 1/8th of a second.

The final part of the evening culminated in table/glass tilting experiments in the Fred Nicholson and Deusburgh Rooms. The following information was gained via this experiment:

Are you female? – Yes
Are you a child? – Yes

Then a lady apparently came to the table and stated:

50 years old
Doesn’t drink or smoke!

Communication was then lost and established with a male entity:

Do you get lonely here? – Yes
Claims to have been a relative of guest investigator Rachel
Is there more than one spirit in this room? – Yes

The glass then became out of control and tried to leave the table.

Communication was re-established:

Are you the same person as before? – No
Do you know Carolyn? – Yes
Are you a relative? – No
Are you male? – Yes
Are you here for a reason? – Yes
Are you a spirit that resides here? – Yes
Do you know me or Dave (Hancock)? – Yes
Are you over 50? – Yes
Were you in charge here? – No
Do you like women telling you what to do? – No
Are you wiling to show yourself in photos? – Yes

At this point an EMF meter activated in the main door area of the room. The team “invited the spirit in”

Did you just move the table? – Yes

A series of knocks is subsequently felt and heard on the table.

At 01.35 the team changed from glass tilting to table tilting but no other results were forthcoming and the experiment ended at 02.00.

Investigation Notes:

Conclusions and Summary:

Dave Hancock, Fort Purbrook staff member, this was a quiet investigation compared to the investigation held by a different team the previous night.

The voice captured by Evette Rogers and Martin Saban Smith is interesting and its worth noting that questions should always be asked in French as well as English at this particular venue giving its historical connection to the Napoleonic wars.

Glass/Table tilting was, as always, interesting when we establish communication but unless direct information regarding names and dates of the spirits communicating the information gained is not of very much use as the information can not be checked in the historical record. Investigators should make every effort to discover detailed information on the subjects communicating via this method.

Trigger object movements seemed to be abundant at this investigation. Some may think that due to the amount of objects moved that draughts maybe a possible explanation for the movement but this is not the case as objects are always placed well away from areas that may cause this problem. It is also noted that some objects set moved 2mm when other objects on the paper did not show any movement at all, if air currents were responsible for the movement of these objects then all objects set on the same piece of paper would have moved and not just individual items.

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