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Welcome to the Hampshire Ghost Club - registration is FREE so come on in and take a seat and meet our community.

A Brief History.

We were formed in 2001 by experienced paranormal investigator, author and TV presenter David Scanlan and rapidly become one of the UK's leading investigation groups, A title we are proud to still have after 8 years of group investigations.

We have visited and investigated numerous sites over the years including Portchester Castle, Levens Hall, Dudley Castle, Wymering Manor, Beaulieu Abbey, Netley Abbey, Michelham Priory, Ancient Ram Inn, Chingle Hall, and many more, there are some sites that we cannot name due to their ownership being in the hands of the Royal Navy and a member of the British Aristocracy.

The Hampshire Ghost Club has also been featured highlighting our work numerous times in the media including Most Haunted, BBC Radio, Net Talk Radio, Power FM, ITV, Meridian, Portsmouth TV, Paranormal Magazine, Beyond Magazine, plus many others.

We are a friendly and dedicated group of individuals and we are always on the look out for new members to compliment our existing team

So....if your interested in finding out what really happens on a Ghost Hunt why not drop us a line in our forums or via our contact forms enquiring about our membership availability

Need Help With The Website?

If you experience any problems with the website, please review our help desk, if there is no solution there then please open a support ticket @ http://support.sjbowers.co.uk (This is only for technical support, all other HGC queries should be done through the resources available on this site)

General : The Dead are talking - New Book By Ross Hemsworth

Posted by Founder on 07-Jun-2007 10:29 (4979 reads)

Hi everyone

My new book THE DEAD ARE TALKING is finally off the press and the official release date in Monday July 2nd.

The book focuses on some stunning new theories that may change the way the world thinks of ghosts and the paranormal. It is full of ground-breaking research, and also tracks my personal rollercoaster ride from total sceptic to believer in several years that saw me have an affair, dovorce my wife, go bankrupt and contemplate suicide all through my addiction to paranormal research!

I was the main contributor of the hit TV series GHOST DETECTIVES hosted by Tom Baker, and also featured in the BBC's GHOSTWATCH LIVE from the Tower of London, and ITV's HAUNTED HALLOWEEN LIVE. I now lecture all over the world about modern paranormal research.

It's an intriguing read and here are some comments from other leading authors:-

Having been a guest on Ross's radio show a few times, I know what’s in store for everyone, and believe me you won’t want to miss this compelling new book

Andrew Collins - Best-Selling Author

Ross' book comes at a time when it is vital to end the taboo of death. Only knowledge (rather than mere belief) of the continuation of life after death can counter the immeasurable suffering that is being caused by the insanity of religious belief.
To this end, Ross' research makes a powerful onslaught against deadlocked mindsets, and offers a serious challenge to those who would wish to keep things the way they are.

Paul Read – The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom

From ghosts to ghouls, Ross's long-awaited first book is sure to inspire!"

Dr Karen Ralls, Author - The Templars and the Grail

Ross has been a serious investigator of the paranormal for a long time and he is one of the few I hold in high esteem. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anybody who is intrigued by the subject.
Philip Gardiner, international best selling author

Ross is my favourite radio presenter on the paranormal, leading expert in paranormal research and now renown author -- A Must Read Book
George E. Lockett (Spiritual Healer)

I have been a guest on Ross Hemsworth's radio show on the paranormal, which, like his book, takes one on a roller coaster ride from skeptic to believer.
Ellie Crystal www.crystalinks.com

With our vast knowledge of Ross we new we would be in for a good read that we couldn’t put down!
Dave, Martin and Andy
The Cosmic Conspiracies Research Team

Ross have over some time, taken a good and honest look, researching and aiding ,in his understanding of the paranormal, there are many aspects and theories in this specialised field . The hope is that when reading this book ,you get a insight to his world ! What Ross has learned and understood from a non believer - to a believer , and serious student who seeks, through his research. This book will aid the true students ,who seek the truth.
Marion Dampier - Jeans international acclaimed Spiritualist medium and the author of 2 books there are best sellers for 5 years in the Nordic country's ,with the third book out in September 2006

Ross Hemsworth is a great chronicler of the paranormal and his radio show has opened the eyes and minds of millions. His first book turns the spotlight on his own research and gives readers a fascinating insight into the world of the weird and the wonderful.

Nick Pope
Ministry of Defence UFO Project, 1991 - 1994

Ross shows courage and determination in his quest to uncover the truth behind a plethery of paranormal phenomenon,with theories drawn from his personal experiences, and extensive research.
Gary Johnson – Spiritual Medium and PoF Team Leader

Pre-orders are available by e-mailing michael@real2can.com and will shortly be available on Amazon and in all good bookshops priced just £9.99.

I will be doing a BOOK-SIGNING and launch at Labyrinth Books in Glastonbury High Street on Sunday July 1st at 2p.m. Please come down in you can!

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Updates : Haunted England Top Sites Has Changed

Posted by Tim on 05-Jun-2007 07:30 (3050 reads)

Well we now have our revampted system in place along with a new design.


Or vote for the HGC with button on the top right of this site.

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General : Cobra Infra Red Illuminator

Posted by Founder on 04-Jun-2007 20:55 (6802 reads)

Do you have a night vision camcorder?

Are you disappointed in the performance of illumination?

Well…there’s a new product out which WILL solve all your problems.

The Cobra Infra Red Illuminator from Chris Halton of Haunted Earth, www.haunted-earth.co.uk , is a 28 LED illuminator that brings light to the darkest investigations.

We recently trialled the illuminator for Haunted Earth at an investigation in a theatre and was amazed with the results, we had a team doing table tilting on the stage and the normal standard IR light supplied with the camcorder could only see half way into the darkness….once the Cobra illuminator was fired up all rows of seating and the team on the stage conducting the experiment all became clearly visible.

When I was approached about the illuminator I must admit I thought “oh no another expensive product that wont do the job”……how wrong was I.

If you have a camcorder you cannot afford to be without one of these illuminators.

You can take a look at our product review on http://www.hampshireghostclub.net/m ... php?lid=59

Please mention the Hampshire Ghost Club when ordering and that way we can track how useful our product guides have been.

Order yours today by emailing chrishalton@hotmail.com directly

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General : Fire Station to call in Ghost Busters

Posted by Founder on 28-May-2007 15:11 (2720 reads)

A GHOST hunter could be about to track down the spook spotted at Euston fire station.

Paranormal investigator Gary Boulton and his team want to uncover the mystery behind the sighting that has had firefighters talking for weeks.

As revealed in the Gazette, a ghostly figure was videoed in the dormitory at the station in Euston Road, Euston, by an off-duty fireman on his mobile phone.

A few weeks before, firefighters also got out a Ouija board after rumours of spooky sightings. Three spirits are said to have got in contact - someone's friend, someone's grandfather, and an aggressive male who wanted someone killed.

Now Mr Boulton, 41, who runs Spectrum Paranormal Investigations from his home in Frederick Street, King's Cross, wants to investigate.

The former cabbie said that in 2002 he co-founded the voluntary group, with four friends and relatives, after years of precognitive dreams.

He claims to have foreseen events such as the assassination of Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997, and the September 11 terrorist attack on New York's World Trade Center in 2001.

In the early hours of September 8, 2001, he dreamed he was in a New York office block.

Mr Boulton said: "The lift door opened and there was a dozen people covered in white powder and blood. As the doors shut, it was like a million-tonne fist punched the building. Half the building came crashing down. My girlfriend died. When I hit the floor, a voice said 2,855 people shall die and a war shall rage for seven years and escalate in 2005."

Mr Boulton, who has spent about £1,500 on hi-tech equipment, now wants to set up kit such as night vision cameras at the fire station.

They could also set up a Ouija board, see if noise can be captured on tape, take temperature readings, or see if anything disturbs certain "trigger objects" - such as coins laid on talcum powder or a crucifix laid on a traced outline.

The team has already undertaken investigations at the Spaniards Inn in Spaniards Road, Hampstead. Mr Boulton said they heard white noise on walkie-talkies and captured balls of light on video.

He added: "This is undertaken seriously. I am not there to bust ghosts."

A Euston fireman, who thinks the ghost spotted could be a nun, said: "Firefighters would probably enjoy the investigation. It would be good to see if there is anything there.

Taken from www.camdengazette.co.uk

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General : Fire Station Ghost

Posted by Founder on 26-May-2007 12:45 (2867 reads)

Video footage of the story below can be viewed HERE

THE ghost of a firemen who fell to his death in Holloway could be spooking modern-day fire crews.

But now firefighters are turning Ghostbusters after a ghoulish figure was actually caught on film at the their station.

There may have been no green slime or floating plates but what looks spookily like a translucent white ghost was videoed in the station's dormitory.

And rumours are rife it could have been a dead colleague paying a visit.

Euston Fire Station in Euston Road, Euston, certainly has a long history. It first opened in 1902 and over the years has seen 13 firefighters lose their lives in service.

They include Daniel O'Donovan who lost his life after falling from a roof in Holloway in 1964, Robert Libby who died in 1913 trying to rescue a sewer worker overcome by fumes, eight men who were fighting fires during the Second World War.

One firefighter, who did not want to give his name, said: "They used to say there was a dead fireman who walked around. A couple of weeks ago, a firefighter who had come off duty captured what he thought might be a ghost on his mobile phone.

"Since then there has been lots of talk but most people think it's a trick of the light. I take everything with a pinch of salt. The video looks like you've opened the window when it's sunny. I don't think there's anything there at all.

"Every fire station is quite spooky. This one is very old, dark and not particularly light and airy. But I don't believe in ghosts."

Yet a fellow firefighter, who also did not want to be named, is a believer.

He said: "I think it's a past firefighter. They are still here. They are here in visitation. Things have been heard for years. There have been shadows.

"I was in bed one night. I was wide awake and I felt someone get in with me. But there was no one there."

Expert Richard Jones, who has written five books on haunted London, said: "I have never known Euston to be a particularly ghostly area and I've never heard of any dead firefighters.

taken from www.camdengazette.co.uk

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Media : Most Haunted Hits America

Posted by Tim on 22-May-2007 16:50 (3389 reads)

Well the series is already there and airs on the Travel Channel, however the first ever American Most Haunted Live will investigate the Eastern State Penitentiary.

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Media : Lets Contact Tutankhamen - Derek Acorah

Posted by Tim on 20-May-2007 19:48 (3133 reads)

Yes you did read right, Tutankhamen ohh and lets not forget Ramesses III as well.

If your a fan of Derek Acorah and love Living TV, then your in for a treat.

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General : Robbie banned from hosting Ghost Show

Posted by Founder on 20-May-2007 09:21 (2636 reads)

Robbie Williams has been banned from hosting his own show about the supernatural.

The Angels singer planned to front a Most Haunted-style series for ITV, but his record company instructed him to ditch the idea and focus on rescuing his music career. It is rumoured that he will release a swing record later this year after his Rudebox album flopped in 2006.

A source told the Daily Star: "Robbie loves the unexplained and got hooked on Yvette Fielding's show Most Haunted. When producers asked him if he'd appear on the programme, he went one better and decided to do his own show.

"It was all good to go and the format and co-host had been sorted but it got the red light from his music people who said it wasn't right for his image."

By: Daniel Kilkelly
Source: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk

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General : Oxford's Most Haunted - Dave Vee

Posted by Founder on 10-May-2007 15:40 (3726 reads)

Do you hear things that go bump in the night? Is there something lurking under your bed? Are you afraid of the dark? Maybe you should be. Oxford is a hotbed of the scary and creepy, and we’re not talking about the chavs who heckle you on the way home from The Bridge on a Thursday night.

The long and illustrious history of our fair University is vicious, nasty and violent: heads rolled, witches burned, and town and gown mutilated and maimed each other. It’s hardly surprising that rumours of ghosts and ghouls abound.

Of course, true to Oxford form, our ghosts are an interesting mix of traditional and eccentric. For instance, every hundred years during the Mallard ceremony, the fellows of All Souls climb the rooftops, drink excessively, sing songs and search for the spirit of a mallard by beating sticks (we hope you’re all quaking in your boots). Of course, this is both unfair and unrepresentative: there are many more terrifying ghosts in Oxford. Merton’s library, which used to be a student’s room, is apparently haunted by something so horrifying that no-one could live there. Given Merton’s Norrington status, we’re loath to believe this.

Obviously these stories are not to be taken seriously. Everyone knows ghosts don’t exist. Everyone, that is, except David Vee, Oxford’s resident ghost hunter. David has dedicated his life to researching and documenting the paranormal and has countless stories of ghostly visitations and creepy goings-on. He has felt disembodied hands crawl up his body, been strangled by something that didn’t exist, and slashed by a ghostly cavalier. Apparently it’s all in a days work. Still, we want proof, so we asked David to escort us to some of the most haunted spots in Oxford to find out if things really do go bump in the night.
When we arranged to meet David we were disappointed that he said we didn’t have to meet at night.

Frankly, ghost-hunting in the middle of the day seems wrong. We should meet at night and creep round the colleges. A boiler suit and weird backpack à la ‘Ghostbusters’ wouldn’t go amiss either. But David is very down to earth and has dispensed with all our imagined showcasing. Somehow this makes everything he says much more believable.

We meet at University, purportedly haunted by the ghost of Obadiah Walker, a 17th century master who continues to visit the room which he occupied 300 years ago. This seems promising. The room, though attached to a huge living room, is poky with only enough room for a bed. You can imagine this is the kind of place where things jump out and say ‘boo’. But try as we might to press its occupant for tales of the unexpected – strange noises, levitating furniture and the like – all we could get was a big fat nothing. Disappointingly, David seemed to agree. He senses nothing here. Still, we have it on good authority that Lord Butler is convinced the place is haunted, and that’s good enough for us.

Our next port of call is Teddy Hall, perhaps a surprising choice. It does not have any famous ghosts attached to it and it’s certainly not included in Oxford’s ghost tour. But at Teddy Hall we know of a genuine, bona fide ghost. A reliable source (well, a friend) is convinced she was haunted by the ghost of a young blonde woman last term. The strange thing is that her door was locked and the figure vanished when approached. The friend spent that night on a neighbour’s floor. We’ll admit it’s not that convincing. Some might be inclined to think the aforementioned apparition was the product of one too many, combined with a little exhaustion.

Still, no harm in checking it out. We arrived in the room, David in tow, expecting to go in and be told that yet again we had hit a dead end. But not only did our ghost hunter sense a presence – seventeenth century to be precise – he smelt one. You’re not convinced? Fine, but our friend looked pretty uncomfortable when we left her alone in her now certifiably haunted room.

Our final stop is St. John’s, home to our favourite ghost, Archbishop Laud. He is known for bowling his severed head, out of a rather morbid sense of humour, at anyone unlucky enough to bump into him in the library. Unfortunately, in a rather comical and incompetent way, we can’t find the library. The chapel is somewhat more accessible. Sadly, our comedy of errors continues when we find it closed for refurbishment. Luckily David has been here before and has tales to tell. He can certainly sense something. The chapel, he tells us, is haunted by the clacking of Cuban heels, the sort worn by men in the eighteenth century. He has heard this several times, but there never has been anyone there.

We remained unconvinced. Have you ever noticed how whenever we humans come up against something we can’t analyse to distraction, wrap up neatly in a scientific explanation and pop onto the GGSE Syllabus, we tend to, in a word, panic? In most cases, the immediate reaction will be one of derision, disbelief or mockery, all as a result of our puerile fear of the unknown. And there’s certainly no shortage of scepticism and scorn when it comes to people’s attitudes to paranormal phenomena.

Still, despite the constant attack of cynics, David suggests a range of scientific explanations for hauntings, which, whilst they may lack concrete evidence, are nonetheless very compelling. One word which seems to crop up constantly in explanations is ‘energy’. Many experts view ghosts as manifestations of remaining residual energy, left behind after the death of a strongly emotional person, or the passing of an event which provoked extreme feelings. Put another way, they are simply “inextinguishable elements of individual life, which having once been, can never die”, so powerful was their emotional resonance. It is suggested that such emotions release a huge amount of energy, which lingers on for months or even years, almost like traces of a radioactive substance. Thus, someone who stumbles upon a site where many people have died may be gripped by an overwhelming grief, without being able to explain why. In fact, apparitions feed off the energy of their surroundings, hence car batteries and electrical devices being rapidly and inexplicably drained of power if a ghost is in the vicinity.

Other believers of the paranormal favour a more complex explanation for the sighting of ghosts, which suggests that on a certain level the past, present and future all coexist, and that Time is not merely a linear sequence of years. According to this theory, the appearance of a ghost may just be a glitch in Time, a flaw in the Matrix if you will. For an instant the present is temporarily mixed up with the past, and creatures from both ages briefly coexist in the same reality, before temporal normality is swiftly restored. Not to go all ‘Northern Lights’ on you but there is a further explanation. Some say that those who sight an apparition are in fact catching a glimpse of a separate universe, rather than a separate time matrix. Who is to say, after all, that there is not an infinite number of worlds in simultaneous existence, and that every so often a fleeting connection is made between them? You just never know: it could be true.

Bear in mind that apparitions can take all kinds of forms, no matter how unobtrusive. David himself, for example, recalls seeing a strange black tuft of cloud creeping along Queens Lane on an utterly cloudless Trinity Day. Closer into the centre, he and a friend were both baffled to see a similar cloud drifting down St Giles at an inexplicably low height of 12 feet, and with no apparent smoke source nearby. Other manifestations include lingering smells, snatches of music and bizarre inanimate objects. An apparition can even take the form of a physical sensation. Vee recalls one of his more disturbing nights in ‘Britan’s Most Haunted House’ (location confidential), when he felt a female hand gently brush over him, finger by finger, nail by nail, with a clear imprint of her palm on his chest. So next time a shiver runs down your spine, or you feel yet don’t see something brush gently past you, pay attention. You may just have had a paranormal encounter.

And faced with a ghost hunter you have to ask ‘what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen’? David thinks for a while before replying. Several years ago he was called out to Burton by a mother and son who claimed to be haunted. Whilst investigating he took a photo. As he did so, all the lights in the house flashed on and off, revealing the mother hissing and spitting on the floor, with hair beginning to sprout from every pore. The results of the photo were even more surprising; the son, who is standing opposite a mirror, has no reflection and inside the mirror is a young girl with her nose pressed against the glass holding up a crucifix. It sounds incredible, and David doesn’t care if you believe it or not. All we can say is that neither of us has slept without the light on since Tuesday.

“The way to find out whether anything exists or not is to depend on the testimony of the eyes of the multitude. If some have seen it then we have to say it exists. If no one has seen it then we have to say it does not exist. If from antiquity to the present, and since the beginning of man, there are men who have seen spirits, how can we say that they do not exist?”

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General : A Tean reunite to contact their deceased co star

Posted by Founder on 26-Apr-2007 20:44 (2300 reads)

Actors Dirk Benedict, Mr. T. and Dwight Schultz will appear on a special edition of British paranormal show Most Haunted later this year, when they will try to communicate with their old friend, who passed away from pneumonia in 1994.

Presenter Yvette Fielding says, "We're all going to Los Angeles for a week to film it. It took a lot of doing to get those three together - now we have to do the really hard part."

Peppard portrayed Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith in the popular 1980s American TV show.

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