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Do you believe in spirit guides?
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Mediums - Do you think they are genuine?
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No - Been to loads of mediums. None of them have ever been correct
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Welcome to the Hampshire Ghost Club - registration is FREE so come on in and take a seat and meet our community.

A Brief History.

We were formed in 2001 by experienced paranormal investigator, author and TV presenter David Scanlan and rapidly become one of the UK's leading investigation groups, A title we are proud to still have after 8 years of group investigations.

We have visited and investigated numerous sites over the years including Portchester Castle, Levens Hall, Dudley Castle, Wymering Manor, Beaulieu Abbey, Netley Abbey, Michelham Priory, Ancient Ram Inn, Chingle Hall, and many more, there are some sites that we cannot name due to their ownership being in the hands of the Royal Navy and a member of the British Aristocracy.

The Hampshire Ghost Club has also been featured highlighting our work numerous times in the media including Most Haunted, BBC Radio, Net Talk Radio, Power FM, ITV, Meridian, Portsmouth TV, Paranormal Magazine, Beyond Magazine, plus many others.

We are a friendly and dedicated group of individuals and we are always on the look out for new members to compliment our existing team

So....if your interested in finding out what really happens on a Ghost Hunt why not drop us a line in our forums or via our contact forms enquiring about our membership availability

Need Help With The Website?

If you experience any problems with the website, please review our help desk, if there is no solution there then please open a support ticket @ http://support.sjbowers.co.uk (This is only for technical support, all other HGC queries should be done through the resources available on this site)

Updates : Today's Updates

Posted by Founder on 09-Apr-2004 19:00 (1772 reads)


13 New web links have now been added to the HGC web site tonight.



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General : Human remains found under a Borley Barn

Posted by Founder on 09-Apr-2004 18:38 (3732 reads)

A coroner has been asked to order a forensic investigation into a human skeleton unearthed under a barn next to Borley church.

There is speculation that the bones could be linked to part of a skull found in the cellar of Borley Rectory after the notoriously-haunted house burned down more than 60 years ago.
The skeleton believed to be hundreds of years old was found last month by workmen digging new footings to convert an ancient barn into a house.

please click more for full story........

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General : Gipsies Clump

Posted by waffenns on 07-Apr-2004 21:49 (1827 reads)

Eventually found Gipsies Clump in Havant Forest. Don't think there is much going on. Does anybody have any experiences of the area worth looking into? Personally I don't think there is much there. Maybe a pair of tinted sun shades and some more alcohol would encourage my imagination.

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General : The paranormal is easy to fake!

Posted by Founder on 06-Apr-2004 22:19 (2284 reads)

THE PARANORMAL IS easily hoaxed. Pranksters and the overzealous have, over the years, manufactured fake photographs, recordings, video and evidence for paranormal events. The intent of the prankster, usually, is to try to make fools of paranormal investigators by getting them to accept or at least investigate false evidence.

Overzealous "believers" also have falsified evidence in a wayward attempt to convince the unbelievers that paranormal phenomena are real, or to seek fame.

please click more for further indepth study......

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General : HGC Go North!

Posted by Founder on 30-Mar-2004 11:58 (2817 reads)


The members of The Hampshire Ghost Club will be going on an investigation on Sunday to the County of Lancashire.

The investigation will run all night and we are in high expectations for nights investigation.

There will be a report written but it will not be placed on this site at the owners request.

Just thought you might all like to know

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General : Important Information about Copyright on the HGC Site

Posted by Founder on 28-Mar-2004 20:24 (2356 reads)


A local newspaper publication have recently published a small section of information that appears to have been copied from the HGC web site.

Could all members and visitors please note that the HGC web site content, all of it!, is protected under international copyright law and the HGC will no longer tolerate unauthorised use of the HGC's work and content of it's site without express prior permission from the founder.

Please take notice of this as the HGC will take legal action for breach of this copyright




Please also note, as well being © by HGC, all content is © Bowers & Vee.

HGC © 2001-2003 - Bowers & Vee © 2001-2004

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General : Christians view on Psychics

Posted by Founder on 26-Mar-2004 15:13 (1700 reads)

There has been no time in history that attempts at fortune telling have not been made by those who claim to be sorcerers, seers, wizards, swamis, necromancers, and clairvoyants. Babylon was the ancient headquarters for the soothsayers, astrologers, and prognosticators who took sacrificial animals and examined their organs in order to find omens of the future. Frequently, in ancient Babylon, a rock was thrown into a pool of water and the rings produced in the water examined to tell the future. Internal organs of dead animals were also examined. The liver was especially prized to determine the future, to tell fortunes, or to give omens. Gazing at the stars, the practice of astrology, has been common since the beginning of man as a means of telling the future.

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General : Kylie claims to have spoken to Dead Rock Star Michael Hutchence

Posted by Founder on 26-Mar-2004 15:09 (3751 reads)

Kylie Minogue says former boyfriend Michael Hutchence has spoken to her from beyond the grave.

She also claims to have been reincarnated several times and says she regularly speaks to the dead.

She said: 'I've had one particularly intense experience that let me know Michael was still around. Like he had come to say hello.'

Kylie, who dated Hutchence in 1987, told US magazine Blender she has a stronger bond with him now than when he was alive.

'Sometimes when people have passed you feel closer to them,' she said.

She also expressed opinions on the after-life, reincarnation, evolution, death, heaven and God, says The Sun.

'I believe I have lived before, but I'm not very advanced in my series of lives. I'm not even into double figures. I don't have a visual memory of my past lives, but I believe I came from somewhere,' added the singer.

'From experiences with the deceased and with the sixth sense there must be much more than the here-and-now. I believe in a universal power. I think we're very early in the evolutionary scale. We don't use a fraction of our brains yet. To be honest, mine is on economy some days.

'The soul is the endlessness of our beings. The soul is infinite and we're just passing through.'

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General : A little Game called Ouija!

Posted by Founder on 20-Mar-2004 09:00 (2452 reads)

Can this simple little "game" open doors to the unknown?

MOST PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS today advise against the use of the Ouija as a harmless pastime or game. There are too many instances, they say, of negative feelings and unwanted phenomena. The skeptics maintain that these sometimes frightening experiences are nothing but the result of over-stimulated imaginations, and that the stories told are of events that are imagined or greatly exaggerated.Those who lived the experiences, however, usually refuse to accept this explanation. What they saw, heard and felt was quite real to them.

click more for full details.....

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General : Theft from Haunted Location!

Posted by Founder on 17-Mar-2004 22:48 (1815 reads)

Hi Everyone,

We have heard today that there has been a theft from a well known haunted location in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The haunted Haunch of Venison Pub has a mummified hand holding a set of playing cards which has been stolen from the pub and paranormal activity is expected to increase as a result.

If anyone has information on theft please contact the pub direct or call Salisbiry Police

Thanks to Scott Prittchard for the information of this story.



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