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Welcome to the Hampshire Ghost Club - registration is FREE so come on in and take a seat and meet our community.

A Brief History.

We were formed in 2001 by experienced paranormal investigator, author and TV presenter David Scanlan and rapidly become one of the UK's leading investigation groups, A title we are proud to still have after 8 years of group investigations.

We have visited and investigated numerous sites over the years including Portchester Castle, Levens Hall, Dudley Castle, Wymering Manor, Beaulieu Abbey, Netley Abbey, Michelham Priory, Ancient Ram Inn, Chingle Hall, and many more, there are some sites that we cannot name due to their ownership being in the hands of the Royal Navy and a member of the British Aristocracy.

The Hampshire Ghost Club has also been featured highlighting our work numerous times in the media including Most Haunted, BBC Radio, Net Talk Radio, Power FM, ITV, Meridian, Portsmouth TV, Paranormal Magazine, Beyond Magazine, plus many others.

We are a friendly and dedicated group of individuals and we are always on the look out for new members to compliment our existing team

So....if your interested in finding out what really happens on a Ghost Hunt why not drop us a line in our forums or via our contact forms enquiring about our membership availability

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If you experience any problems with the website, please review our help desk, if there is no solution there then please open a support ticket @ http://support.sjbowers.co.uk (This is only for technical support, all other HGC queries should be done through the resources available on this site)

General : *Hamlet* castle haunting

Posted by snazz on 23-Dec-2005 00:31 (2439 reads)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - There is something spooky going on around the Danish castle that inspired William Shakespeare as the scene for his play Hamlet.

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General : Paint Poltergeist

Posted by Founder on 19-Dec-2005 19:31 (1840 reads)

While late night painting, my husband had a foam paint brush with bright yellow on it. He felt like something hit his brush, causing paint to drip off. We have done a lot of painting and he knows how to make a foam brush not drip; however, it was late and it happens. Shortly after, he took a break and sat down. He got this feeling he was being watched. He scanned the room, then suddenly a piece of molding leaning against the wall fell over and the beaded curtains between the hobby room and the kitchen moved wildly – nowhere near the molding that fell. The coffee pot turned on and the attic door slammed shut. My husband ran in to our bedroom and said that something weird just happened and repeated the events. He thought maybe it was a ghost and asked where the camera was. I was half asleep but told him where it was and made sure it was on the fast setting because that setting makes things going up to 80 mph look still. The next day he mentioned he could smell lilacs during his picture taking. Look at the area where the fly swatter is and you can see that this streak of bright yellow appears to be caught in the door. You will also notice on the white wall there is neither green or yellow but a white streak. I had a friend who is a photographer look at the pictures and he said this was strange and to take it for a miracle. In other words, he was not sure what to make of it. After the event, there was something stuck on the beaded curtains and the fly swatter, and there was a bright yellow paint on the coffee pot. Most things have a logical explanation and my husband is a logical man. Something caught his attention.

The photo can be seen HERE

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General : Exorcism woman conned of thousands

Posted by Founder on 17-Dec-2005 15:55 (1908 reads)

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German woman lost more than 5,000 euros ($6,000) after a would-be soothsayer convinced her she was possessed by evil spirits and prescribed an expensive exorcism as a remedy, authorities said on Wednesday.

Police in the central town of Northeim said the 44-year-old was told she was possessed by a young woman who read her palm at a Christmas market.

The victim became agitated and agreed to an exorcism at her home the following day, for which she paid the 'seer' more than 5,000 euros in cash and jewellery.

The exorcist then gave her more bad news -- there were other spirits that needed casting out.

"That's when a bad feeling crept over the victim," the police said in a statement. "She informed the police forthwith."

Police have arrested a 17-year-old woman from former Yugoslavia. The victim's money and jewellery have been returned.

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General : Haunted.......by a two headed snake!

Posted by Founder on 09-Dec-2005 22:06 (3809 reads)

Two local councillors have talked about a bizarre ordeal when their home was haunted by a twoheaded snake. Former Bracknell Town Mayor Jennie McCraken was harassed by the ghost for the first year of living at their former Binfield house.

She eventually turned to family friend Terry Walters - an amateur exorcist - to rid them of the spooky serpent. And the wife of leading Bracknell Forest Borough councillor Iain McCracken added that the experience turned her into a firm believer in the paranormal.

She said: "I was open-minded about it before, having never seen a ghost, but after this experience I am definitely not sceptical any more. "My mother-in-law saw it too when she lived with us and was not the sort of lady who would have previously thought anything like that existed.

"Two very level-headed women saw the snake and were affected by it."

Mrs McCraken said the house had many other phantoms beside the slithering spectre which presented themselves as "sparkles of light or smoky apparitions".

The house's other ghostly guests kept to themselves, but the snake - believed to be the form of an old lady who did not like newcomers to her house - caused Mrs McCraken problems.

She dreamed of the snake, and also of a spider with a woman's face, but she also saw the reptilian wraith around the house.

Mrs McCraken added: "There was a nasty ghost there. It was most unpleasant and very frightening. I wasn't the sort of person to believe in something like this before, but the ghost seemed to single me out."

She was also struck on a number of occasions by the snake or an unseen force, and after 12 months of haunting - many times when husband Iain was away on business - she called in amateur exorcist Mr Walters.

He already felt the place had mysterious guests because an old lady used to watch him from the window.

Mr Walters, who has told the story in his book on the paranormal Who on Earth am I?, said: "When I first went round I didn't get any feelings, but as I went up the stairs I sensed something hiding in the eaves of the house.

"We waited for it to come out, and I told her to stand her ground when it did come. She said 'there is a snake circling round you', and I was willing it to leave them alone.

"There was a vacuum feeling in the room and after that ended they were not bothered by it again."

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Updates : Most haunted cleared of "fraud"

Posted by miracleman on 06-Dec-2005 12:32 (6551 reads)

Ghost show cleared of deception
The Living TV show is hosted by Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah
Ghost show Most Haunted has been cleared of fraud by TV watchdog Ofcom,

following complaints of deception.
Viewers complained that the Living TV show, featuring "psychic" Derek Acorah, deceived the public by claiming to find evidence of paranormal activity.

But Ofcom ruled that Most Haunted was an entertainment show, not a legitimate investigation into the paranormal, and should not be taken seriously.

Most Haunted, presented by Yvette Fielding, is now in its sixth series.

Spin-off show Most Haunted Live was also investigated, following the complaints.

Ofcom ruled that the TV show contains "a high degree of showmanship that puts it beyond what we believe to be a generally accepted understanding of what comprises a legitimate investigation".

"On balance, we consider that overall Most Haunted/Most Haunted Live should be taken to be a programme produced for entertainment purposes.

Source http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertai ... 500322.stm

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General : Catholic Priest warns "leave exorcism to the experts"

Posted by Founder on 04-Dec-2005 15:03 (1927 reads)

A far cry from sorcerers, satanists and other practitioners whom he dismisses as "charlatans," Italian exorcist Andrea Gemma fights the devil only with the strength of his prayers and advises Catholics: 'Don't do this at home".

A rotund, expansive Neapolitan, the 74-year-old bishop was the first lecturer to face the Catholic Church's latest crop of budding exorcists at a unique course run by clergy at Rome's Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University. The course began Thursday and will run for several weeks.

Faced with a classroom of 50 priests intent on learning how best to take on the devil, the veteran Gemma profiles his ideal comrade at arms, spiritually-speaking: "Live a holy life, work hard and be devoted to the Madonna".
The students at this second course -- the first course of its kind drew more than 100 priests last year -- include lay Catholics.
"If you reject God you leave a place for his enemy. Neutrality is not an option," the priest who heads the course, Father Gabriele Nanni of the ultra-conservative congregation Legionaires of Christ, tells them.
"And in our societies given over to neo-paganism, agnosticism, to a revolt against God, it was inevitable that the demon would find more space to act," he said.
Father Gemma is also convinced. In his small southern Italian diocese of Isernia, which has a population of 60,000 souls, he has nominated four exorcist priests -- well above the Italian average, where priests authorised to carry out exorcisms number in the several hundreds.
But he criticised the Italian bishops' council for being insufficiently committed to hunting down demons, though he said he was encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI's recent public support for priests tasked with such missions.
The pope had a brief exchange with a few of the priests attending a congress of Italian exorcists after one of his weekly general audiences last month, telling them to "continue your important mission in the service of the Church."
The prelate, whose titanic struggles against the devil fills several of his books, recognizes that not all the cases referred to him require exorcism.
Some are "poor people who need someone to listen to them," he said. "But those priests who send them away without listening to them patiently are not fit for the priesthood."
When someone is really possessed by the devil, he said, "freeing them of it can take months, if not years."
But the bishop is certain of one thing: "The devil is not the God of evil, God is stronger."
Asked about his method of discerning real cases of possession from other psychological illnesses, the priest revealed his "secret weapon":
"If I speak Latin, the demon responds to me in Latin. He has a horror of that language."

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General : The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Posted by Founder on 21-Nov-2005 20:50 (2890 reads)

Was the real “Emily Rose” truly possessed?
Exorcisms are in vogue again. Evangelists like Bob Larson roam the country performing “deliverances” on (and profiting from) members of his audience that he convinces have demons in them.

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General : Shadow Ghosts - The most common ghosts?

Posted by Founder on 01-Nov-2005 01:11 (1862 reads)

SHADOW PEOPLE may be the most commonly seen apparitions. Countless people have reported catching sight of them. Most often they are just detected as fleeting images out of the corner of one’s eye, and perhaps we can dismiss many of those instances as real shadows or optical illusions of one kind or another.

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General : Should we be afraid of Ghosts?

Posted by Founder on 24-Oct-2005 16:05 (3049 reads)

THE GHOST PHENOMENON has become so closely associated with the instinct of fear that it's almost a given that, if asked, most people would admit that of course they would be frightened if they encountered an apparition. Even many seasoned ghost investigators have been known to run like scared rabbits when they see or even hear something unexpected.

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General : Robbie Williams - Sensitive or Psycho

Posted by Founder on 23-Oct-2005 08:18 (2075 reads)

Singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS experiences supernatural visions and is uncertain whether he has spiritual powers or is suffering from extreme delusional paranoia.

The FEEL star and reformed drug addict admits his life could have been one of substance abuse but now believes he is blessed with mystical awareness.

He says, "If music hadn't worked out I would either have been a complete PETE DOHERTY, or I would have been a holistic man of medicine and spirituality. A spiritualist medium.

"I think I do have powers. I've seen things. My sister's dog jumping at her feet, when it had passed away years before. Green lights coming in at my window, too. Security locks opening and closing in front of my eyes. TVs switching on and off.

"I want to find out if these are real ghostly experiences or just my complete paranoia. It's one of the two that I want to get rid of. I just want to know."

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