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Welcome to the Hampshire Ghost Club - registration is FREE so come on in and take a seat and meet our community.

A Brief History.

We were formed in 2001 by experienced paranormal investigator, author and TV presenter David Scanlan and rapidly become one of the UK's leading investigation groups, A title we are proud to still have after 8 years of group investigations.

We have visited and investigated numerous sites over the years including Portchester Castle, Levens Hall, Dudley Castle, Wymering Manor, Beaulieu Abbey, Netley Abbey, Michelham Priory, Ancient Ram Inn, Chingle Hall, and many more, there are some sites that we cannot name due to their ownership being in the hands of the Royal Navy and a member of the British Aristocracy.

The Hampshire Ghost Club has also been featured highlighting our work numerous times in the media including Most Haunted, BBC Radio, Net Talk Radio, Power FM, ITV, Meridian, Portsmouth TV, Paranormal Magazine, Beyond Magazine, plus many others.

We are a friendly and dedicated group of individuals and we are always on the look out for new members to compliment our existing team

So....if your interested in finding out what really happens on a Ghost Hunt why not drop us a line in our forums or via our contact forms enquiring about our membership availability

Need Help With The Website?

If you experience any problems with the website, please review our help desk, if there is no solution there then please open a support ticket @ http://support.sjbowers.co.uk (This is only for technical support, all other HGC queries should be done through the resources available on this site)

General : Ghost Hunter Ed Warren Dies

Posted by faeden on 26-Aug-2006 21:00 (3097 reads)

Ed Warren, who along with his wife pursued the unusual career of ghost hunter and whose cases included what would become the basis for "The Amityville Horror," died Wednesday at his home in Monroe. He was 79.

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General : The names bond....scared bond!

Posted by Founder on 25-Aug-2006 21:45 (2397 reads)

JITTERY crew on the new James Bond film have refused to get on a stunt jumbo jet — because it’s HAUNTED.

Scared Casino Royale workers fear the 747 is protected by the spirit of a passenger who died from a heart attack on board.

They say the lights and warning systems have come on during filming — even though the jet has NO POWER.

Crew also claim to have seen the woman’s ghost gliding up and down the aisles of the 30-year-old plane.

One set worker said: “We were asked to stay on it overnight for one scene, but several of the crew refused.

“Some won’t get on board at all because of the ghost. It’s been a real problem.” The de-commissioned £2million former South African Airways jumbo will appear in several scenes.

In one, 007 Daniel Craig, 38, tries to stop a villain ramming it.

The plane is kept at Dunsfold Aerodrome at Cranleigh, Surrey. Spokesman David McAllister said: “I cannot discuss the film but I am aware of the plane being haunted. Everyone knows the story.”

Source : The Sun

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Updates : Para-News - Bringing paranormal news from around the world

Posted by Tim on 18-Aug-2006 15:09 (2042 reads)

Para-News utilises Internet feed technologies to bring in the latest paranormal news from sites all over the world including the SJB Network sites.


Read more................

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General : Phantom Driver

Posted by Founder on 14-Aug-2006 22:01 (2075 reads)

My husband and I went on vacation in South Carolina in May of 2006. We were at a place called Homestead. We took this picture. If you enlarge it, you will see a man in the driver's seat. And there is also a ghost getting in the passenger seat as well. I didn't see this when I took the picture. I think it is amazing that ghosts can be right in front of you and you not even know it.

Phantom Driver

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General : Win a Scary Weekend at a Haunted Hotel in association with Haunting Breaks

Posted by Tonyp on 14-Aug-2006 21:57 (5882 reads)

Win a Scary Weekend at a Haunted Hotel in association with Haunting Breaks...

The George and Dragon Hotel is a traditional 17th century coaching inn set in the heart of the delightful National Trust Village of West Wycombe and a stones throw away from the notorious 'Hellfire Caves'!

A 'Strange Britain' approved haunted house; this 17th Century Coaching Inn lies in one of the strangest villages in the country. The area remains steeped in legend and myths concerning witchcraft, devil worship and sacrifice. A glance through a bedroom window of the inn allows a glimpse of the conical hill that conceals pagan worship of a bygone iron-age and the secrets of the Dashwood family!

But why has it has been listed as one of the top ten most haunted buildings in the UK? Sukie is the ghost of a barmaid who fell in love with a rich gentleman. After receiving a note from him, she followed his instructions and met him at the caves where they would elope and marry! Howver, the note was forged by local lads and when she arrived at the caves they proceeded to tease and stone her. One of the stones proved fatal and she was carried back to the inn and left in her room to die.

Is the ghost of a lady in white that of the renowned spectre of 'Sukie' the barmaid who met her demise by the hands of locals?

Who murdered the gentleman who now roams the upper floors of the building?Does a tunnel exist between the Inn and The Hell-Fire Caves? If you're brave enough and want to find out then join Haunting Breaks for a night you won't forget in a hurry. Enter this fantastic competition and win a unique overnight stay for 2 in one of the top 5 most haunted inns in the UK.

Join other guests to be wined and dined and search for ghosts and take part in a 'Most Haunted' style paranormal investigation with a professional team of investigators and resident psychic!

Join in with dowsing, séances, vigils, table tipping, glass divination exercises and chat about your experiences before retiring to your bed chamber. But only if you dare…

To be in with a chance, enter the competition. The lucky winners will be able to chose from the following dates: 2nd September 2006 or 2nd December 2006.

All you have to do is go to www.hauntingbreaks.co.uk

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General : Rosslyn Chapel Ghosts

Posted by Founder on 06-Aug-2006 21:23 (2032 reads)

ACTORS rehearsing at Midlothian's Rosslyn Chapel for a Festival play claim to have spotted two ghosts in the famous building.

A cast member reported seeing a "fairy-like" figure in the grounds of the Chapel, while another said they spotted a person inside the building itself.

The actors are preparing to perform A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is being produced by the Roslin-based Nonsense Room Productions.

Producer Simon Beattie, who also works as a tour guide at the Chapel and appeared as an extra in Tom Hanks' blockbuster film The Da Vinci Code, said strange sightings were not unusual at Rosslyn Chapel.

"Last year we were rehearsing for a Fringe show, and when I was locking up I heard a child's voice in the crypt and so I shouted down that I was locking up," he said.

"When I went down there however, there was no-one there.

"We've no idea who the ghosts might be but it certainly seems that they are budding thespians and they have certainly livened up our rehearsals."

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General : HGC Investigator joins Radio!!!

Posted by Tonyp on 12-Jul-2006 21:58 (2279 reads)

Hampshire Ghost Club Investigator Steve Norris will be joining Richard Williams from the Ocean FM breakfast show on a 6 hour investigation at one of Hampshires most haunted locations..... The Wymering Manor House!

Steve will be attending the investigation in aid of Help a Local Child Week charity on Friday 14th July from 8:30 until 02:30 the following morning...

Having spoken to Mr Norris recently he added this "I am very excited to be going back to this much loved location not only because of its history but also because of the activity that i have experienced on past investigations".

Mr Norris (a former resident and employee at the Manor) has investigated the house on numorous occasions and has experienced some interesting activity which he will hopefully encounter on Friday.

I wish Steve good luck for Friday and hope the night is fruitful.

Tony Preston

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General : Djinn......The true Story?

Posted by Founder on 10-Jul-2006 17:51 (5954 reads)

In the western world we have grown up with the concept of demons and devils – the evil beings of the spirit world, according to traditional Christian beliefs.

Other religions around the world have their spirit beings, too, of course. In Islam, the djinn are a race of spirit beings that can be good or evil. (Djinn, or jinn, is the origin of the more familiar word "genie" in English.)

As we learned in the recent article "Exorcism is Islam," Muslims believe that evil djinn can sometimes possess human beings, as some Christians believe demons can possess people.

But what are the djinn? Our Muslim contact, who we identify only as M.M., and who provided the video of the exorcism, answers questions about these spirit beings.

Q: How were the djinn created?

A: Verses of the Koran and the Hadiths show unambiguously that the djinns were created of fire without smoke. According to Ibn ' Abbas, the expression "without smoke" means "end of the flame." Other scientists think that this expression means the purest of fires. What's important to know, quite simply, is that that the djinn were created of fire and therefore have a constitution completely different from ours.
The djinn were created before man. While the djinn were made of fire, man was made of clay and angels created of light.
In this way, the djinn are invisible. So if they are invisible how do we know they exist? Many things exist that our eyes do not see, but their effects are perceptible, such as the air and electrical current.
Also, this word was reported by Allah himself, and Allah does not lie.

Q: Where do the djinn live?

A: The djinn prefer to live in places not inhabited by man, such as deserts and wastelands. Some among them live in the dirty places (dustbins) and others live among man. The djinn live in these dirty places in order to eat the remainders of foods thrown away by people. Also, certain djinn live in cemeteries and ruins.

Q: Can djinn change form and appearance?

A: The djinn have the capacity to take many forms and to change appearance. According to the Imam Ibn Taymiya, they can take a human or animal, form such as a cow, a scorpion, a snake, a bird.... The black dog is the devil of the dogs and the djinn often appear in this form. They can also appear in the form of a black cat.
When a djinn takes a human or animal form, it obeys the physical laws of this form; for example, it will be possible to see it or to kill it with a gunshot or to wound it with a knife. For this reason, djinn remain in these forms for only a short time because they are vulnerable. In fact, they benefit from their invisibility to frighten people.

Q: Are djinn both male and female?

A: Yes, there are males and females among the djinn.
According to the Koran, the djinn have the capacity to procreate and can have offspring.

Q: Are djinn responsible for their acts?

A: Just like humans, the djinn are responsible for their acts. Indeed, Allah will take the day of the last Judgement to them.
According to the Imam Ibn Taymiya, the djinn observe obligations in relation to their specific nature. Being different from the human beings, their duties are inevitably different, too.
They have religious beliefs, too. Like human beings, they can be Christian, Jewish, non-believers or Moslems. The Moslems among them are just like the Moslems among men; some are pious, others are evil.

Q: Are djinn afraid of humans?

A: The djinn and men feared each other mutually, but the djinn were able to instil fear more intensely than men. The djinns are more fearful beings by nature, but they can also feel such human emotions as anger or sadness. In fact, the djinn benefit from these states, being better able to cause fear in the heart of man. Like bad dogs, when they sense your fear, they will attack.

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General : Tot finds spook as she cleans TV

Posted by smutly on 08-Jul-2006 22:24 (2215 reads)

A couple claim their telly is haunted and insist this picture of their toddler dusting the set proves it.
Faith Taylor was helping mum Tracey tidy up when, unseen at the time, a mysterious face appeared on the TV screen.
Shocked Tracey, 31, only spotted it when a photo she took of Faith doing the polishing was developed. The mum is positive the TV was off and says there was no one else in the room.
She is also convinced Faith has seen the bespectacled spook before because when the 18 month old was shown the picture she exclaimed: “That’s Ben!”
Tracey, of Lower Ince, Wigan, shuddered yesterday: “I think we should get TV ghosthunter Derek Acorah down here immediately.” Faith’s dad Darren first spotted something odd about the photo as he flicked through the images on their digital camera.
He told Tracey: “It looks like the polish as made a face on that one.”
Next day Tracey took the camera to Boots to get prints and was confronted by the face. She said: “It really is dead weird.”

From The Sun newspaper 07/07/2006

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Interviews : Richard Fitton - MD Of Supermeters UK - Paranormal Research Equipment

Posted by Tim on 13-Jun-2006 17:51 (5246 reads)

Richard Fitton is the Managing Directory of Supermeters UK, a leading supplier of paranormal research equipment, based within the UK.

S.J.Bowers and Supermeters UK are partnering up, to bring the members of Ghosts-UK better value, over the coming months you will learn more of this, including the re-launch of our subscription membership and substantial discounts for subscription members, when they buy at Supermeters UK.

Read more for the interview with Richard Fitton - Supermeters UK the leading supplier of EMF Meters, IR Thermometers, Motion Detectors and full kits dedicated to those in the field of paranormal research.

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