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Welcome to the Hampshire Ghost Club - registration is FREE so come on in and take a seat and meet our community.

A Brief History.

We were formed in 2001 by experienced paranormal investigator, author and TV presenter David Scanlan and rapidly become one of the UK's leading investigation groups, A title we are proud to still have after 8 years of group investigations.

We have visited and investigated numerous sites over the years including Portchester Castle, Levens Hall, Dudley Castle, Wymering Manor, Beaulieu Abbey, Netley Abbey, Michelham Priory, Ancient Ram Inn, Chingle Hall, and many more, there are some sites that we cannot name due to their ownership being in the hands of the Royal Navy and a member of the British Aristocracy.

The Hampshire Ghost Club has also been featured highlighting our work numerous times in the media including Most Haunted, BBC Radio, Net Talk Radio, Power FM, ITV, Meridian, Portsmouth TV, Paranormal Magazine, Beyond Magazine, plus many others.

We are a friendly and dedicated group of individuals and we are always on the look out for new members to compliment our existing team

So....if your interested in finding out what really happens on a Ghost Hunt why not drop us a line in our forums or via our contact forms enquiring about our membership availability

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General : The Worlds Scariest Hauntings

Posted by Founder on 30-Oct-2006 20:03 (3892 reads)

"When I was 6, my parents decided to move into a 100-year-old, 2-story house. Right from the beginning me and my sister sensed something strange. One moment the room would be a fair temp, then the next it would take on a deathly chill for no reason. There always seemed like there was someone in the room watching us. My toys from my closet would disappear then reappear back in my closet a couple weeks later. One night while I was fast asleep, [my sister] said she woke up to see a dark shadow float across the room. She said she had also been terrorized by voices calling out to her..."
7 Years in a Haunted House

Hollywood creates many spooky films that can be great fun to watch, but there's nothing fun about a real haunting. Unexplained things... unspeakable things... have terrorized homes that were once as quiet and normal as yours or mine. From some unfathomable place, dark and sinister forces have crept into our reality with a mission of disturbance, fright and even violence. Here are some of the creepiest true accounts of hauntings ever recorded.

The Proctor Haunting

Have you ever spent the night in a house reputed to be haunted? This story could make you reconsider.

It was the autumn of 1834 when the Proctors, a Quaker family, began to notice disturbances in their house near Tyneside in northern England. Every member of the family complained of hearing footsteps and whistling that could not be accounted for. The sound of a clock being wound could not be explained. Over a six-year period, the intensity of the haunting increased. The stomping of angry footsteps echoed throughout the house, contrasted by faint whisperings. And then there were the apparitions. The white figure of a strange woman was seen in a window by a neighbor, and then seen in other rooms of the house by the Proctors. A disembodied white face appeared over a stair railing, seeming to watch the family.

The Proctor's plight was known throughout the area, and then, as now, there were skeptics who were certain they could explain it all away. On July 3, 1840, Edward Drury, a local doctor, volunteered to spend a night in the house with his colleague, T. Hudson, while the Proctors were away. Dr. Drury armed himself with pistols and waited on the third floor landing, unafraid of what he was sure were mundane house noises. Less than an hour into his vigil, Drury began to hear soft footfalls, then a knocking and an echoing cough. Hudson had fallen asleep. But at about 1 a.m., Dr. Drury watched in horror as a closet door slowly swung open out of which floated toward him the ghostly lady in white. Drury screamed and charged the phantom, succeeding only in tripping over his friend Hudson. What next happened the doctor could not recall. "I have since learned," he later wrote, "that I was carried downstairs in an agony of fear and terror."

Some years later the Proctors could stand no more of the unexplained manifestations and vacated the house in 1847. The building was later torn down.

The Freeborn Haunting

If a previous owner has died in the house in which you now reside, you might want to think twice before you redecorate.

After Mrs. Meg Lyons died suddenly in her Bakersfield, California house, it had remained untouched when Mrs. Frances Freeborn moved in during the month of November, 1981. Every piece of Mrs. Lyons' furniture was just as she left it. Her clothes still filled the closets and dressers. Eager to make the house her own, Mrs. Freeborn set about cleaning out the house and refurbishing it to her liking. And that's when the trouble started.

The first unsettling mystery was a loud thumping noise coming from the kitchen area, which Freeborn at first dismissed as noisy plumbing. But then there was other strangeness. Freeborn habitually closed all doors and cabinets before retiring to bed, only to find them wide open in the morning. Lights would be switched on by unseen hands while Freeborn was out of the house. She tried to take these curious occurrences in stride, but was convinced a paranormal force was at play when she tried to hang a particular picture - a triptych (three photos in one frame) of pre-Civil War women. The morning after hanging it, Freeborn was puzzled to find it on the floor, but neatly propped against the wall. Figuring it had merely fallen (and luckily not broken), she re-hung it. In fact, five times she tried to hang the picture, and each time it was taken down and set against the wall. A week or so later, following an impulse, she hung the picture in a spare bedroom much lower on the wall and too close to the light switch than she actually preferred. But this time the picture stayed put. Why? When Luke Cowley, the dead Mrs. Lyon's son-in-law, visited the house, he remarked that Mrs. Lyon had hung a very similar picture in that very spot.

In 1982, as Mrs. Freeborn was preparing to redecorate the master bedroom, the poltergeist activity increased. Throughout the day that she shopped for paint and wallpaper, she was unnerved by the sensation of being watched. That night, crashing noises and loud banging in remote areas of the house kept Freeborn from sleeping. She arose from her bed at about 2 a.m. and walked to the bathroom. She ran some water at the sink to wash her hands. Suddenly, the bathroom window flew open. She closed it, returned to her bed and sat, frightened. Again the bathroom window opened and in the same instant the bedroom window crashed shut. The folding doors of one closet tore open as another closet door slammed closed. Her dog barked frantically at the terrifying spectacle.

Scared out of her wits, Freeborn's solitary thought was to get out of that house. She picked up her dog and fled the bedroom into the hallway and ran smack into some unseen force. "There was a zone of pressure," she later related, "a mass out in the hall, as if something ominous and ugly was concentrated there. I realized I had to get out of the house or I would die."

Three distinct forces were in that hallway, she insisted - one to each side of her and one blocking her way out. Gathering all her courage, she shouted, "Get out of my way!" and forced her way past the dark presences. Somehow she sensed that the two entities at her sides her "surprised" that she was able to do this, and she felt that the entity in front of her was knocked back. She ran out the back door and sped away in her car... still wearing her nightgown.

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General : Enfield Poltergiest Investigator Dies

Posted by Founder on 17-Oct-2006 21:15 (3123 reads)

Enfield poltergeist investigator dies

LONDON. The death of Maurice Grosse on Saturday, 14 October, at the age of 90, comes almost 30 years after he was asked by the Society for Psychical Research to investigate happenings in the Hodgson family home. The case became known as “the Enfield poltergeist”.

He and a fellow SPR investigator, writer Guy Lyon Playfair, spent two years studying the case and were convinced that some of the phenomena they saw and recorded at a house in Green Street, in the north London suburb of Enfield, were genuine. But they also conceded that one or more of the four Harper children could have been responsible for some of the events.

Playfair told the full story of this extraordinary case in This House is Haunted: Investigation of the Enfield Poltergeist.

By the time Grosse arrived at the home of the Hodgson family on 5 September 1977, police officers and reporters from the Daily Mirror had witnessed the inexplicable movement of objects, such as toys being thrown across the room or furniture moving, and heard knockings on the wall – an almost daily occurrence. One of the children, Janet, also claimed to be “thrown” out of bed, but sceptics argued that photos of her “levitating” could have been simply the result of her leaping from her bed.

Adding to the mystery, radio and TV crews who tried to capture the phenomena, found that their equipment suddenly stopped working or tapes were mysteriously erased.
One of the strangest aspects of the case was the development of voices speaking through Janet, one of the children around whom most of the poltergeist phenomena, including metal bending, appeared to be centred.

One voice claiming to be “Bill” said he had once lived in the house. He spoke in a deep, gravely male voice through which could have been produced by 11-year-old Janet, using a second set of vocal chords that we all have but seldom use. Despite speaking in this voice for many hours her normal voice was not damaged.

Among other SPR researchers who investigated the case for short periods were John Beloff (left) who later became SPR president – he died on 1 June this year – and Anita Gregory, who caught the children cheating. She pointed out that the “poltergeist” only performed when she turned her back on the youngsters. Two of the Hodgson children later confessed to newspapers that they had tricked everyone ... but later, in a distressed state, they retracted. [“Psychical Research and the Legacy of John Beloff” is the subject of the SPR's 51st Study Day, which will be held in London on 21 October. For more information, click here.]

Some sceptics argue that Grosse, whose own daughter, also named Janet, had died a year earlier in a car accident, was predisposed towards believing that the case could provide evidence of an after-life. But it must not be forgotten that many others – including police and journalists – who were not newly-bereaved also saw things they could not explain.

Grosse, who went on the investigate several other hauntings and poltergeist cases, believed his role as a psychical researcher was as much about helping and counselling families experiencing inexplicable happenings, as it was about proving the genuineness or otherwise of the phenomena.

The Enfield Poltergeist Case demonstrates how difficult it is for psychical researchers to produce evidence of paranormality that satisfies everyone. It certainly divided SPR members into two camps – believers and sceptics. But the two main investigators, Grosse and Playfair, were better placed than most to make their judgment, and they were both on the side of the believers.

Maurice Grosse accepted the children tried to trick observers at times, but pointed out that what they did was easily recognised and was never as impressive as the genuine phenomena.

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General : Halloween - Scarey Tales Number 1

Posted by Founder on 16-Oct-2006 22:47 (1861 reads)

IS HALLOWEEN just a delightful holiday for dressing up, parties and candy? Or is it really a time when restless spirits are allowed to roam more freely among the living? Is the veil that separates our world from the world of the dead more transparent at this time of year? People report paranormal phenomena at all times of the year, of course. But there’s something about Halloween night that heightens the senses and, perhaps, connects us more readily to forces unexplained. Consider these seven chilling true stories of Halloween frights.
Evil in the Attic

Attics can be scary places... maybe even more so around Halloween time. Take it from Eve, who as a young girl ventured into her attic alone in search of costumes. “My mum and sister went to my neighbor's house, leaving me alone in the house,” says Eve.

“It was about 4:30 and already beginning to get dark. I took that opportunity to sneak upstairs into the attic to try on some Halloween stuff. I quickly ran up the steps, knowing that if my mum came back and caught me, I would be in deep trouble. Although all the windows were shut, I felt a cold breeze pass through me, but I thought nothing of it at first because I had had no past experiences of paranormal phenomena.”

Eve rummaged through the bag of Halloween costumes and pulled out a witch’s hat, which she tried on for size. Almost immediately, some unseen force hit the hat. She dropped the bag and quickly turned around, but found nothing against which she could have knocked the hat. “As I bent down to pick up the bag, I saw the handle to the bathroom door turn and the door rapidly opened,” Eve says. “I walked cautiously into the bathroom, wondering what had caused the door to open in such a way. I had a feeling that there was another presence in the room. I looked out of the window to check if my mother and sister were still outside, and sure enough they were. Just as I was about to turn away form the window, I saw the reflection of the cupboard door sliding open. I turned around hastily to try and see what was causing these incidents, but I wasn't quick enough to catch whatever it was.”

Terrified, Eve threw the bag back into the cardboard box and ran downstairs and out into the front garden, waiting anxiously for her mum to return home. “That night, I had a nightmare about what might have followed if I had stayed up there any longer,” Eve says. “Evil, gleaming red eyes stared at me from the bathroom cupboard, locking me in the toilet and causing complete havoc all around the house. Several unexplainable things have happened up there since then, including ‘self-breaking’ objects.”

What was it, beside her own equilibrium, that Eve disturbed in that attic that evening?

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General : ParanormalPC “The Ultimate Tool for successful Paranormal Investigations”

Posted by Tim on 12-Oct-2006 20:43 (1972 reads)

ParanormalPC “The Ultimate Tool for successful Paranormal Investigations”

The most valued outcome of a paranormal investigation is EVIDENCE, not only that but EVIDENCE from Credible sources.

That is why we at Supermeters UK are proud to unveil the Only significant development towards the ultimate paranormal investigation solution in the last 12 months, best of all this multi-sensor system is available to record/replay on your PC/Laptop.

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General : The Worlds Most Haunted Houses

Posted by Founder on 10-Oct-2006 09:54 (2408 reads)

Borley Rectory

In England, a country often associated with ghosts and haunted mansions and castles, Borley Rectory makes the claim of being "the most haunted house in England." And there's quite a bit of anecdotal evidence to support that claim. The rectory was built in 1863 next to Borley Church as a home for Reverend Henry Bull. Over the years it was the site of intense poltergeist activity, including spontaneous displacement of objects, strange odors, cold spots, the sound of galloping horses and ghostly apparitions. Even after the rectory was destroyed by fire in 1939, photos taken around the ruins of the building and the adjacent church continued to contain unexplained elements. One of the last residents of the house, Capt. W. H. Gregson, reported that the spirit of a nun had been seen wandering the grounds on several occasions. After the nun was seen peering out of a window a few times, the window was bricked up. "The disastrous fire at the Rectory may have had some disturbing influence," Gregson wrote, "because during the night of the fire, several people report having seen me, accompanied by two 'strangers,' one, a 'lady, dressed in a grey cloak,' the other, 'a gentleman with a sort of bald head, dressed in a long black gown.'" Some of the most chilling experiences took place around Marianne, the wife of Reverend Lionel Foyster who took residence in the house on October 16, 1930. An entity attempted to communicate with Marianne through scrawled handwriting on the walls - an event documented in photographs. Other mysterious photos show a floating brick, an unknown floating ribbon-like thing and other ghostly figures. Anomalous images continue to appear on photos taken on the rectory grounds up to the present day. Just last July, 2000, a photo taken behind the church shows a mysterious orb.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London, one of the most famous and well-preserved historical buildings in the world, may also be one of the most haunted. This is due, no doubt, to the scores of executions, murders and tortures that have taken place within its walls over the last 1,000 years. Dozens upon dozens of ghost sightings have been reported in and around the Tower. On one winter day in 1957 at 3 a.m., a guard was disturbed by something striking the top of his guardhouse. When he stepped outside to investigate, he saw a shapeless white figure on top of the tower. It was then realized that on that very same date, February 12, Lady Jane Grey was beheaded in 1554. Perhaps the most well-known ghostly resident of the Tower is the spirit of Ann Boleyn, one of the wives of Henry VIII, who was also beheaded in the Tower in 1536. Her ghost has been spotted on many occasions, sometimes carrying her head, on Tower Green and in the Tower Chapel Royal. Other ghosts of the Tower include those of Henry VI, Thomas a Becket and Sir Walter Raleigh. One of the most gruesome ghost stories connected with the Tower of London describes death of the Countess of Salisbury. According to one account, "the Countess was sentenced to death in 1541 following her alleged involvement in criminal activities (although it is now widely believed that she was probably innocent). After being sent struggling to the scaffold, she ran from the block and was pursued until she was hacked to death by the axe man." Her execution ceremony has been seen re-enacted by spirits on Tower Green.

The Queen Mary

This grand old ship doesn't qualify as a house, of course, but it is quite haunted. Once a celebrated luxury ocean liner, when it ended its sailing days the Queen Mary was purchased by the city of Long Beach, California in 1967 and transformed into a hotel. The most haunted area of the ship is the engine room where a 17-year-old sailor was crushed to death trying to escape a fire. Knocking and banging on the pipes around the door has been heard and recorded by numerous people. In what is now the front desk area of the hotel, visitors have seen the ghost of a "lady in white." Ghosts of children are said to haunt the ship's pool. The spirit of a young girl, who allegedly broke her neck in an accident at the pool, has been heard asking for her mother or her doll. In the hallway of the pool's changing rooms is an area of unexplained activity. Furniture moves about by itself, people feel the touch of unseen hands and unknown spirits appear. In the front hull of the ship, a specter can sometimes be heard screaming - the pained voice, some believe, of a sailor who was killed when the Queen Mary collided with a smaller ship

The Whaley House

Located in San Diego, California, the Whaley House has earned the title of "the most haunted house in the U.S. Built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley on land that was partially once a cemetery, the house has since been the locus of dozens of ghost sightings. Author deTraci Regula relates her experiences with the house: "Over the years, while dining across the street at the Old Town Mexican Cafe, I became accustomed to noticing that the shutters of the second-story windows [of the Whaley House] would sometimes open while we ate dinner, long after the house was closed for the day. On a recent visit, I could feel the energy in several spots in the house, particularly in the courtroom, where I also smelled the faint scent of a cigar, supposedly Whaley's calling-card. In the hallway, I smelled perfume, initially attributing that to the young woman acting as docent, but some later surreptitious sniffing in her direction as I talked to her about the house revealed her to be scent-free." Some of the other ghostly encounters include: the spirit of a young girl who was accidentally hanged on the property; the ghost of Yankee Jim Robinson, a thief who was clubbed to death and who can be heard on the house's stairway where he died, and has sometimes been seen during tours of the old house; the red-haired daughter of the Whaley's sometimes appears in such a realistic form, she is sometimes mistaken for a live child. Famed psychic Sybil Leek claimed to have sensed several spirits there, and renowned ghost hunter Hanz Holzer considered the Whaley to be one of the most reliably haunted structures in the United States.

Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, is most famous for the ghost of "the Brown Lady," which was captured on film in 1936 in what is considered one of the most authentic ghost pictures ever taken. The Unexplained Site describes one of the first encounters with the spirit: "The first known sighting happened during the 1835 Christmas season. Colonel Loftus, who happened to be visiting for the holidays, was walking to his room late one night when he saw a strange figure ahead of him. As he tried to gain a better look, the figure promptly disappeared. The next week, the Colonel was again came upon the woman. He described her as a noble woman who wore a brown satin dress. Her face seemed to glow, which highlighted her empty eye sockets."

The White House

That's right, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. is not only home to the current President of the United States, it also is home of several former presidents who occasionally decide to make their presences known there, despite the fact that they are dead. President Harrison is said to be heard rummaging around in the attic of the White House, looking for who knows what. President Andrew Jackson is thought to haunt his White House bedroom. And the ghost of First Lady Abigail Adams was seen floating through one of the White House hallways, as if carrying something. The most frequently sighted presidential ghost has been that of Abraham Lincoln. Eleanor Roosevelt once stated she believed she felt the presence of Lincoln watching her as she worked in the Lincoln bedroom. Also during the Roosevelt administration, a young clerk claimed to have actually seen the ghost of Lincoln sitting on a bed pulling off his boots. On another occasion, while spending a night at the White House during the Roosevelt presidency, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was awakened by a knock on the bedroom door. Answering it, she was confronted with the ghost of Abe Lincoln staring at her from the hallway. Calvin Coolidge's wife reported seeing on several occasions the ghost of Lincoln standing with his hands clasped behind his back, at a window in the Oval Office, staring out in deep contemplation toward the bloody battlefields across the Potomac.

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General : Attacked by a Leprechaun

Posted by Founder on 06-Oct-2006 21:57 (2314 reads)

I am a tour manager for various bands and, as you can guess, this involves a lot of traveling abroad. I happened to be working with a French band called Air who wanted to tour Europe. We had just finished up in Wales and were moving on to Ireland when it happened.

On the plane ride there, we were shown a short animated film about leprechauns. It was very jokey and no one took it at all seriously. When we arrived, I showed the band to their room and then went to mine. When I came in, there was an odd silhouette on the bed. I flicked on the lights to see a plastic leprechaun. Boy did I jump! One of the girls from the production team had put it there as a joke.

The next morning, everyone was laughing at my expense, but I laughed along; it was pretty funny. However, later that day I left my room and headed for the game room. After a few games of pool, I stopped in the loo. While washing my hands, I spotted something in the mirror. Not worried, I turned and looked around. Seeing nothing, I turned back and then saw it in the mirror again - a distinct shape, a small humanoid. I turned again faster and caught it. There was a small humanoid with bright tufts of red hair was grinning manically at me. Its hair was matted and it was completely naked apart from a piece of fur around its waist.

I reached behind for something to protect myself with when he leapt. With shocking speed it was on my head and - bang! - one swift crack to the skull. I woke up in a hospital bed. Apparently, I had been found with blood on my head and my wallet missing. They all thought I was mugged and had notified the police. Nothing much else happened. The tour went well, but I was much more wary about being alone. When I returned to England, I told my wife what I saw and she laughed, thinking I was making light of my experience. I decided to keep quiet, but this website will accept my story, hopefully.

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General : Harmless Fun or Portal to Danger

Posted by Founder on 03-Oct-2006 19:02 (1841 reads)

There's an ongoing debate about the powers and realities of the Ouija board. Essentially, there are three basic positions:

It is inherently dangerous, can open portals to evil entities and should never be used.

It is only dangerous if used with evil intent, but can be a useful tool for spirit mediumship if used properly and with good intent.

It is inherently harmless and has no real powers of mediumship for good or evil; its effects, if any, are only psychological in nature.

Which is true? Talk to any group of people and you’ll find strong proponents for each argument. A few years ago, I conducted a survey of readers on this subject. It results showed that 65 percent of those who responded felt the Ouija was dangerous, and 35% felt it was harmless.

As expected, most religious leaders are strongly anti-Ouija. More interesting, however, is that many of the top paranormal researchers believe the Ouija to be a dangerous instrument, to be avoided at all cost.

Brad Steiger, one of the most prolific authors on matters supernatural, has consistently stated his opposition to the use or even the ownership of a Ouija board. In his article “Mothers, Don't Let Your Children Grow Up to Play with Ouija Boards,” Steiger recounts his investigation of a 17-year-old girl who began experimenting with the Ouija – with dire consequences. “She thought she had the knowledge to contact spirit entities through the board,” Steiger writes, “but unfortunately she had neglected to assume a prayerful attitude to guard against malignant influences.”

Dale Kaczmarek, founder of the Ghost Research Society, says, “I would strongly advise against the use of the Ouija, automatic writing or séances” in his article “Ouija: Not a Game.” “Most often the spirits whom are contacted through the Ouija are those whom reside on ‘the lower astral plane’.”

One of the most respected paranormal investigators or the past fifty years, Hans Holzer, adds his voice in warning against the Ouija. In the book The Ouija Board: A Doorway to the Occult, author Edmond C. Gruss quotes Holzer as saying, “Those who wish to use the Ouija board as a parlor game I advise to think twice. There is always the possibility – rare, I admit, but conceivable – that one of those playing the board is a genuine trance medium without realizing it. In such a case, the board can become an easy entrance for a disincarnate person… who might next take over the personality of the medium and manifest under conditions where no controls are possible.”

Some readers in the Forum have also had bad experiences. “I'm wondering if anybody else out there knows how dangerous Ouija boards truly are?” says toddybear007. “I had my own experiences a long time ago when I was around 13 years old. To make a long story short, I came face to face with pure evil.”

“I do believe without a doubt that Ouija boards open doors,” adds Deebliss. “The entity that we brought out actually manifested itself to my best friend’s mother….”

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General : Crying in the Darkness - Winchfield Hampshire

Posted by faeden on 30-Sep-2006 16:20 (4955 reads)

A story that happened in the late 80s in Hartley Wintney Hampshire in the UK. The story is quite gruesome and disturbing so please note I am only telling you what I have been told. There are two ends to this story, one I know for a fact is true, and the other I am not sure about which I will explain in the following.

In around 1988-1989 a rumour started to circulate that sounded more like an Urban Legend than a ghost story, but I remember it well because of the sheer creepiness and sadness that both accompanied the tale.

One night in or around the autumn, around 11PM a man in his late 30s who was walking home along the famously dark B3016 road from Winchfield station to the A30 Junction into Hartley Wintney was about to uncover a mystery that would later turn into a macabre nightmare, that would haunt the poor man probably to this day.

He was on his way home in Hartley Wintney from his friends house in Winchfield, after a night of gambling and a few drinks. The walk from his friends house normally only took about half an hour to 40 minutes, but it was always a boring one (and I know because I have walked it). Half way down the road he started to hear the faint sound of what he thought at first was the trees creaking in the wind. He was having trouble staying in the middle of the road as it was a moonless night and the trees arched over the road making it as dark as a blackboard, so the only thing visible to him as a guide are the slight white painted lines in the middle of the road, that he walked along to avoid walking into ditches that ran down both sides of the road. As he walked on the noise of what he thought were creaking trees in the wind became louder, but as he got even closer, to his horror he realised it was the sound of a baby crying, he wondered why on earth a baby would be out at gone 11 on a windy and dark night like this so he began to walk faster to get to the cry, after a few minutes of what was now a jog he realised the babies voice was now a little behind him, so he had ran a little to far, so he backtracked a little desperately trying to look for the baby, he eventually came to the point where he was at the side of the road, and could not see a thing, and was footing his way gently patting his foot in front of him, he was confused as he could hear the baby directly below him as if he could reach down and pick the baby up, but could not feel a thing but leaves and brambles. After around 20 minutes of trying, he decided to run into the next village which was Hartley Wintney where he lived to alert the authorities, he got home and the police where called, he then took the officers to where he heard the crying, the police searched and searched with there torches (flashlights), but found nothing, the police thinking the man had just had to much to drink, said they promised to come back the next day at dawn just to make sure, to put the mans mind at rest, which they did, but what they found was beyond anything they might have expected. To the polices horror they found a babies severed head by the side of the road, and the body a few yards away in the ditch, the place was sealed off and the body taken away.

Now that was the part I can not say for certain actually happened in that exact same way, except for the police finding the body of course as that did happen, but the following is definitely true because I remember seeing it on the local TV news (Meridian News)

The next day it was on the news about the babies body being found, and because of this a young women from Reading, 30 or so miles away from where the baby was found, gave her self in to the police. Apparently she had killed and decapitated the child because she wanted to hide that she had been pregnant and just “lost her mind“ she was arrested obviously and questioned. The women described what she had done and why she did it, but the strange thing about this was that she said she claimed to kill her baby at around 2 or 3 pm, 8 or so hours before the man heard the babies cries. Which was confirmed later by an autopsy, so the man walking home heard these cries 8 hours after the baby was killed, and about 7 hours after the babies body was disposed of, as the women had driven the body out of town.

This could just be a morbid Urban Legend which may well have started because of the women killing her child in such a brutal way, but if that is true about the guy hearing that, it sends shivers up my spine.

Whatever happened it’s a tragic case that is for sure.

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General : Children in contact with ghost linked to ADHD

Posted by Anonymous on 19-Sep-2006 19:25 (2238 reads)

Im researching the disorder ADHD after my 7 year daughter was diagnosed . And with the fact that my daughter claimed to see people who werent there from a very early age and learnt words she could have never heard before at the age of two, I started asking questions to anyone with children who see paranormal visions/spirits and who also suffer from ADHD and was suprised to learn that the two go together.So doctors say this is a chemical in balance in the brain but the more i look into this the more im questioning what if the excess chemical is what allows a childs/adults brain to recieve paranormal signals rather like an ariel ,the bigger the ariel the clearer the picture .But im still investaging and will fill you in later on....
P.S --Hi everyone im new .Im Mouth from southampton

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General : Shadow ghosts...do they exist?

Posted by Founder on 18-Sep-2006 19:14 (3943 reads)

Look on any ghost hunting or paranormal site, or ask any investigator, and alongside ‘traditional’ ghosts and dust-orbs, there is another, far more unusual and much creepier facet of paranormal research – Shadow Figures.

According to Ghost Study dot com (http://www.ghoststudy.com/) , there are three types of Shadow entity:

Type A - Appear as a small dark misty cloud and are almost always under two feet in length, but can hover or float up to 8 feet high.

Type B - Appear as a huge glob of thick cloudy mass. They typically range from 2 to 8 feet in height.

Type C - Appear in human form and some may be seen wearing a hat. They typically appear up to 8 feet in height.

One major difference between recorded cases of 'Shadow People' and 'ghosts' is that whereas ghosts usually haunt one particular location and somehow repeat their former existence there, Shadow People have been known to 'interact' in as much as they observe and then disappear when noticed.

Possibilities of just what these Shadow Figures might be are:

a) Daemonic (given my hobbies, it's plausible :)

b) Paranormal, e.g. ghost

c) Alien

d) Dimensional Seepage

e) Inter-dimensional beings

f) Spirit (as in domovoi)

g) Astral entities

h) Time travellers

i) Echoes of the Self

For reasons that will be explained momentarily, c, d, e, g, h, and i are the most probable explanations.

Judging by the extremely brief nature of encounters and experiences with Shadow People it is apparent that these episodes are limited heavily in time factor - for what reason is unclear.

The lack of synchronicity of reproduced sound occasionally associated with their visitation and the indistinct, yet clearly human/hominid appearance of Type C Shadow People suggests that either only the projected aura can travel or that in order to travel through time/interdimensionally, the frequency of what we call reality must be increased massively causing poor reception at the destination point.

The innumerable sightings of beings and entities throughout history described variously as angels, demons, spirits, etc (not to be confused with the ‘Man in Black’ of the Black Goat of Le Messe Niger fame) - along with a whole plethora of modern cryptozoological specimens - do hint towards the abovementioned possibilities.

Lack of interaction on any concrete level and for any extended period (excluding the observation, 'babble' and then disappearance that is the hallmark of these types of paranormal occurance) suggests that SPs perhaps do not originate from the Demonic Planes or the Astral Planes of our own Reality/Time (unless the work of amateur astral Travellers).

Skeptics generally brush ShadowPeople and Shadow Animals aside as 'microsleep'. Driving home through the Carpathian hills I've had many occasions when I've had to swerve because of a 'Microsleep' running in front of my car. I've also had these Microsleeps standing in the hallway and then going around corners.

One of the best means of testing if a Shadow Entity is 'real' or not is if it crosses an open doorway and still retains shape. This implies that it is not the sleepy mind distorting ordinary shadows because in an open doorway the shadow has no place to form.

The Shadows (mostly animals but also a few people) I have seen on the road have always started running across my path when there was zero chance of me avoiding them. Because I drive so much - approximately 4 hours per day - and in some of the worst weather imaginable and on very bad roads - I am careful to keep conscious and focused. These Microsleeps (and their non-hitting of my Mitsubishi at N kilomteres per hour which would be fatal otherwise) whack my heart out of rhythm and it takes a good while to calm down and establish normal breathing again after the shock of the Non-Collision.

I'm not talking blurs but fully formed, shadowy versions of animals such as deer. The entire road network is dotted with roadside memorials and huge roadsigns saying how many people have been killed and injured on that stretch in the last few years. It doesn't take a great leap of imagination to predict that there will be a few hauntings but Shadow People do NOT repeat these pointless actions of running into a road and dying ad infinitum. These I would count as ghosts.

The Shadow People who could qualify as inter-dimensional entities are renowned for lurking - you know the sensation you get when your neck hairs stand on end and you just KNOW someone is standing behind you and watching you and when you turn around you see a blurred movement which your sanity dismisses as a trick of the light?

These peripheral vision Shadow Figures are brushed away in psychiatric terms as an aspect of Peripheral Vision Psychosis.

According to the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation, low sound waves can even be the cause.

However, in the case of Shadow figures seen standing at the bottom or top of staircases (a common form of sighting) or the figure watching you in the bathroom, these cannot qualify as they are not peripheral. I, even though long exposed to psychology and its attempt to demystify the world, still don't believe that every single phenomenon can be dismissed as a psychosis (or, in the case of Saintly visions, the consumption of mouldy rye bread).

The fact that these shadow Figures are often noticed BECAUSE they are observing (the human mind and body has many in-built self defence mechanisms stemming from our days as prey rather than predator). We KNOW when we're being watched or talked about (warm earlobe as a superstitious example). These figures are often recorded because the object of their study notices them and turns around, and THEN sees them in peripheral vision - but the sensation of being watched precedes this, therefore negating the psychosis in many cases.

It's not a pleasant occurrence - especially if it's a lone female loading clothes into her basement washer and begins to feel prickles on the back of her neck because she FEELS someone watching her. She turns around and sees a blurred movement in her peripheral vision and her heart leaps.

How can she explain it (as I've never encountered one with red glowing eyes like Mothman I can't comment)? She'd say "I saw something out of the corner of my eye - like a blur - and then it was gone."

Unless she kept going on and on about it and started wearing tinfoil hats, it's unlikely that she'd be shipped off for Electro Shock Therapy and instead would be offered a number of mundane explanations, which she would accept as, culturally, Shadow People have no place in suburban 21st century reality.

An example of a Shadow Figure watching from Ghost Study dot com (http://ghoststudy.com/new6/shadowpics/page114.htm):

Shadow Figures are often reported by magic users following a ritual. It's extremely important before and after any ritual to 'cleanse' both the environs and oneself - not only from what was deliberately invoked/evoked but what may have also been attracted by Reality Frequency Disturbances.

“Some there be that shadows kiss;
Such have but a shadow's bliss”
(The Merchant of Venice, Act II, Scene IX)

To use an example: You're trying to raise a daemon (whether or not the ritual is successful is irrelevant). What you're basically doing is calling out (or down, if that's your hypothesis) in such a manner that you'll attract its attention. The same goes for Ouija and other means of Clairvoyance (except they go upwards in traditional Belief systems, unless you're Vodun...then I still haven't worked it out and haven't had chance to ask Baron Samedi yet). You're basically opening up a means of communication or, much worse, a door.

One reason why the Simon Necronomicon was so terrifying (and the entire principle of Lovecraft's Mythos) was that doors could be opened but not closed again. It doesn't matter, on principle, if - in the case of the Simon - you're just spouting quasi Sumerian gobbledygook - you are 'opening doors' from your location and your reality to ‘others’. It is the experienced practitioner who knows how to open a door, do the deed and close it again and go to bed at night not wondering if he or she left the light on...

The Sixth Sense covers an immense area of pseudo-science (as psychology was known until recently); ESP and precognition are just two of many documented aspects that do not fit within the strict structure of the scientific 5 senses yet are clearly seen in some animals. Who knows what else is in our capabilities? After all, we managed to attain sentience.

To go back to the doors, imagine if you will that within our 'mind' (or soul, etc) we have the ability during ritual to create a harmonic that breaches the boundaries of this reality and probes others. We have no way of knowing if this opens a direct line to our intended summonee or contactee, or if it threads its way through countless other planes and realms, attracting the attention of whatever denizens might overhear it.

As I have oft stated, Daemonology is similar to primitive psychology - much of magic is - in that it is isolating and focusing one aspect of our minds using symbols, chants, metals, times and dates (which is where astrology comes in handy). We set the scene to put out a call to a daemon listed in some ancient tome or - and this is one reason I heartily recommend against this method for beginners, e.g. the Chaos Magick version - one of our own creation. Not only do we open ourselves up to whatever is listening in but in the case of 'Homemade Daemons' there is no direct end to the link. The practitioner has no idea whatsoever what will answer the call - or how to deal with it when it arrives (if...if....)

Shadow People, as can be seen in the various personal experiences that have been recorded, appear to be attracted to environs and people that have been involved with magic. It is eerily like sharks smelling blood in the water. The fact that these Shadow People apparently do nothing once they arrive - apart from lurk and watch - does not label them as either harmless or harmful.

I've never heard of anyone summoning them directly. Even mediums don't count them as successful contact with the Afterlife - they're more of an unwanted side-effect.

Quite often when communicating with various entities, one realises that their speech is somehow distorted as if coming through a filter; eg too fast, too metallic, too 'bubbly'. This really leads me to believe that in order to cross planes/time-space, there has to be frequency adjustment. Anomalous Voices, such as that which inspired me to begin research intro EVPs and Reversed Speech, are often associated with the appearance of Shadow People – and both are clearly ‘out-of-sync with this reality.

One theory I formulated many years ago concerning déjà vu, but which applies equally well to the appearance of Shadow People (I get really scary-arsed episodes of déjà vu, usually prior to something bad happening to me) was the Lag Theory. This is a bit Acid-esque but is basically based upon the theory that each decision has a number of possibilities, each of which creates another number of possibilities with different consequences, and so on virtually ad infinitum (the reason why it's not possible to travel to the future and return again as you'd never find your way back through the 'choice-labyrinth'); an extension of this is the parallel universe theory whereby at the point of each decision a new universe/reality is created in order to fulfil the possibility chosen by Self A, Self B, Self C, etc.

In the Lag Theory, Alpha Self (e.g. the you reading this) chooses the reality that I am currently in tune with, however, Alpha Self is still Beta Self and Gamma Self up to the point where their choice-route takes them on an utterly divergent course than that chosen by Alpha Self (we'll just ignore the even more Leary-esque type thinking whereby 'Am I Alpha Self or Beta Self, etc'? as that argument goes on forever). For the sake of argument, we are Alpha Self.

Okay, Alpha Self is in Reality 1, Beta Self is in Reality 2 (until the next branching of possibilities - over simplified I know, and not taking into account the innumerable realities caused from birth onwards). Let's say that Beta Self (who diverged from Reality 1 several years back but has followed a similar course with only minor differences) encounters a personal disaster after choosing one possibility in his/her own Reality. Example - Beta Self's friends ask him to come for a drink. Beta Self says he feels tired so declines the offer and goes home instead. On the way home he has a car crash and dies. This (either deliberately or as a Reality Impulse) sends a shock wave back along the branches and interacts with whichever other Self is currently in a near-identical situation. On a minor scale, this is like Gut instinct or Female Intuition - where the Self knows instinctively, although for no quantifiable reason, why something 'feels right or wrong'.

In the case of Shadow People, it's possible that they are either emanations of Delta or Epsilon Selves whose Reality has somehow crosswired with Alpha Self's, or - and this is where it gets scary - something else entirely that has come along to watch just which possibility your Alpha Self chooses at a particular moment, knowing that the consequences of this choice (and it could be something as simple as eating an apple or not eating an apple) will create a Butterfly Effect further down the Time Line. In this sense, they could be construed as 'Monitors'. When they appear after a magical ceremony (remembering that the limit of their interaction is usually running off when noticed - or, perhaps giving a grin and then running off), it's possible they're there merely as spectators waiting to see just what mess Alpha Self has caused throughout the planes and what the consequences will be.

Whatever they are, they show intelligence that is unknown in ghosts; they do not fit the criteria of the plethora of recorded daemons, they do not appear as fully formed entities swaying me against the alien argument. That leaves two main possibilities : Time and Dimensions.

Edward O’Toole, Slovakia, September 2006, Non Serviam

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