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Category: Book Reviews
Title: "It's An Insidious Demon! Get Rid of Your Orb" by Dr. F. Lee Aeilts Popular views:592
Description   "It's An Insidious Demon! Get Rid of Your Orb" by Dr. F. Lee Aeilts.

It's pants.

First up, it's not an e-book, but rather a 6 page pamphlet with more pictures than words. What's more, there's no sense to the way the words are thrown together - heck, there's not even a love interest running through it! The main idea is that we all have an orb (weighing 21 gramms - hmmm, heard that before...) in our heads that makes us small, sick and irrational, and that if we pay money to Dr. Aeilts we can go to a seminar and understand how to get it out. What's more, after the seminars, everyone heads over to Subway for sanwiches and 'sharing', whatever that means. I kid you not.

So, despite me thinking that this ebook was going to make everything in the world alright, explain what lies behind the paranormal and make me popular with the ladies, it seems that I was wrong. Ho hum, 53p wasted.

That said, if anyone wants a giggle (quite literally at my expense!!), PM me and I'll email you the pamphlet!
Review submitted: 02/07/2007
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Category: Technology Reviews
    Title: 2G EMF Meter PopularRating: 9.00  views:636
Description   The 2G EMF Meter is a device invented by Richard of Spectral Electronics. It
works in the same way as the Guass Master only this one has a 2 way on/off
rocker switch so you can keep it activated permenantly (The Guass Master
automatically switched off after about 5 minutes).

The 2G has a backlit display with a guage reading from 0-6 mG (Milliguass) This
is the usual reading that you can pick up Paranormal Activity on.

The 2G Meter has an earphone jack on the side which to me is the only
disadvantage because you have to permenantly wear them to get an audiable signal
(The Guass Master gives out a loud whistle sound when detecting EMF

On the other hand the 2G Meter is to our advantage because it is designed to
detect only immediate EMF fluctuations and does not detect power sockets, hidden
cables etc.

The best way to test out any EMF Meter is to turn on your TV and place it to the
back - where the needle will almost certainly go off the scale (as my eardrums
discovered the first time I tried that!!!)

I find the 2G EMF Meter a very handy piece of equipment which I will keep in my
kit for many years.

Steve Norris
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Good for use within research: Good for use within research: 10Good for use within research: 10Good for use within research: 10 10
Review submitted: 29/06/2004
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Category: Book Reviews
 Title: Andy Matthews Greatest Haunts Popular views:823
Description   Andy Matthews Greatest Haunts is without one of the most interesting biographical books I have read in some time.

The books covers Andy's early years, his first encounter with a ouiha board that went a little wrong, through to his time investigating alongside the phantom or fraud team and eventually onto his investigation at the infamous Tower of London for Ghostwatch live in 2001.

The book is a gentle mix of Andy's own conflicting outlooks on the paranormal and the age old believer vs sceptic views that Andy takes during his course of his investigations. Never to believe anything to be paranormal until all rational explanations have been delved into.

Towards the end of the book it reaches into the making of Andy's latest hit TV Series...Northern Irelands Greatest Haunts. Here the author further analyses the evidence captured during the making of this series for the BBC and again offers his believer vs sceptic arguments

All in all a very good read. Not too heavy and should appeal to all, even those with just a passing interest in the paranormal.
Review submitted: 03/12/2009
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Category: Book Reviews
Title: Cambridge Ghost Book Popular views:610
Description   This book details many of the ghostly sightings that have been recorded in Cambridge since the 13th Century.

A majority of the book deals with the haunting associated with the many colleges in and around Cambridge University and details the haunting of Corpus Christi College, Christ’s College, Trinity College and many other locations such as The Abbey House and St. Marks Vicarage. The stories are presented in an easy to understand manner that leaves you wanting more.

There is a particularly interesting story surround Sidney Sussex College and the exhumed, decapitated head of the usurper Oliver Cromwell.

All in all a very good read and comes as recommended reading.

By D Scanlan
Review submitted: 29/06/2004
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Category: Technology Reviews
    Title: Canum - trans Lat - Dog Popular views:643
Description   (Canum - trans Lat - Dog)

Animals and particularly dogs have often been seen to behave oddly or "freeze" in the presence of paranormal activity. Dogs have sensory perception that is different to a human. Their hearing can sense up to 50KHz, which is way beyond the human upper threshold of around 18KHz (and lower with old age). Acoustic energy above 20KHz is known as "ultrasonic" and there are various devices that use this frequency range, for instance car alarms and parking sensors.

Bats also use ultrasonic for echolocation and use frequencies up to 100KHz. Some paranormal teams have tried to detect energies in the ultrasonic region, but there are no readily available "wide-band" instruments capable of covering the 20 to 50 KHz band.

· Typical response up to 50KHz
· Wideband response, which does not require tuning.
· Backlit display for use in total darkness
· No resets
· Envelope detector and audio connector for headphones etc

Supply: 9V (PP3 battery)
Current: 20mA (typical)
Indicators: Power LED, Signal Strength Meter Display
Dimensions: 111mm * 82.5mm * 38mm
Ultrasonic Meter Bandwidth: 5,000 Hz to 45,000 Hz (typical)
Audio: 3.5mm audio connector
Review submitted: 01/07/2004
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