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Category: Book Reviews
Title: Walking Haunted London Popular views:1071
Description   Richard Jones is without doubt the leading authority on the ghosts and hauntings of London and haunted london is a fantastic book in which to delve into the paranormal occurences of this historic city.

The book is extremly well written and researched and is composed to be used as both a walking guide and a research book should you so desire. Each series of walks is accompanied by a map to show the reader exactley where they are going and what spectral encounters have been reported.

The book covers a vast majority of London and even steps a little outside London with a walk around the haunted village of Pluckley, Kent, allegedly britains most haunted village.

Walking Haunted London is an excellent and very interesting read and a must for any London based ghost hunter or for anyone wishing to explore Londons spooky shenanigans!

David Scanlan
Review submitted: 11/10/2011
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Category: Book Reviews
Title: Haunted Hampshire by Rupert Matthews Popular views:1116
Description   First of all let me tell you how I came to get hold of this book and the co-incidence that occured that day.

November 7th, I travelled to Eversley Cross near Yateley with my football team for a cup game, we had played here before using the club website directions of M3 Junction 4 but this time we went by satnav which took us off at Junction 5 and down some country lanes.

On one of the roads we passed a pub, I commented on the name of the pub (Crown and Cushion), because it seemed so unusual. Anyway on my return to Eastleigh I went shopping to Tesco and spotted a book, Haunted Hampshire, but not by our own Dave Scanlan, this publication was one by Rupert Matthews, so i picked the book up, flicked through the pages to see what sort of read it was, the pages stopped at, yes, youve guessed, the Crown and Cushion on the Minley/Blackwater road.

Anyway onto the book which I bought after that. This isnt an A-Z of hauntings and locations, this book is broken down into areas of Hampshire and the stories from that area, which include a lot of background information, for instance the Crown and Cushion story delved into the life story of a one Thomas Blood (aka Thomas Ayloffe) his military career, his attempts at murder, deception, bringing his mistress over from Ireland (Cushenor Cussans) and his ill planned stealing of the crown jewels from the Tower of London (now you see where the pub name comes from), consequent arrest and death sentence.

Somehow Blood got King Charles II to give him another chance but on the proviso that if he commited another crime the death sentence would be carried out. Unfortunately Blood' mistress had died within 4 days of his arrest, apparently suicide. Blood died in 1660 owing about 10 thousand pound, a lot of money even today!

It appears from the story that the pub (and road outside) is haunted by his mistress, shes still apparently asking people if they have any news from London.

All in all a decent read if you want stories of alledged hauntings, including statements from eye witnesses, but you do have to wade through a lot of background information to get to the crux of the story.

I would give this book 7/10
Review submitted: 19/11/2010
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Category: Book Reviews
Title: Paranormal Dorset Popular views:1098
Description   Paranormal Dorset is the latest addition to the Paranormal series launched by Amberley Books.

Author Roger Guttridge launches this, his sixteenth book in an easy to read fashion that will appeal to many people from all different walks of life from those with an avid interest in the paranormal right through to those with just a passing interest...theres something for everyone in this work!

Being a book about the paranormal obviously ghosts feature strongly within the texts and the author throws some amazing stories into the limelight whilst at the same time maintaining a level head and a clear view of possible explanations...the revelations surrouding the famously haunted Sandford Orcas Manor House are definetly a high priority read for anyone interested in the ghosts of the county of Dorset.

The book does not confine itself though to just ghosts. There are tales of Doppelgangers, fairies and of course...UFO's

This book presents a great introduction to the mystical county of Dorset and comes highly recommended.

David Scanlan
Review submitted: 13/02/2010
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Category: Book Reviews
Title: Paranormal Bedfordshire Popular views:981
Description   Firstly let’s get rid of the subtitle, “true ghost stories” because this book covers so much more. From ghosts and apparitions, to pre-emptive dreams and all the way to crop circles and aliens, all areas of the paranormal are in here.

You have to take your hat off to Damien, the author has covered some miles looking into these stories, his research is thorough and where possible he has found more than one witness to try to verify the stories contained in this publication. Eye witness accounts are here for you to examine, any reports from investigations are included, plus where possible directions to the locations where paranormal happenings have been included. Photographs also show the locations of some of the events

Casual observers of the paranormal will probably find this book heavy going, some will feel they don’t want to trawl through the background information and just want the nitty gritty facts of haunting’s, well im sorry this book wont do that, it’s a serious look at events and as such will be appreciated by the groups of investigators that do a bit more than a weekend walk in the dark looking for thrills.

Let’s examine one chapter of the book, The Wilden Poltergeist story near the end gives a true example of the work Damien has put into this. The history of the location is thoroughly examined and explained, from the name of villages in the area and there connection to Viking settlers, the owners of the area from the doomsday book (Bishop of Bayeaux) through the St Remy in the 12th and 13th centuries and up to today’s present owners.

The Wilden Poltergeist appears to be connected to one of the former owners, Rev. William Shrove Chalk who purchased the house in 1837.
The legend of two local witches is then reported along with an alledged sighting from the 1930’s by a bride and groom but more interestingly and more recent sighting in 1973 which led to the phantom receiving a certificate of authenticity, I don’t know who decided that this case was authentic, or how it was proved, or even who received the certificate, but im sure Damien has the answer.

Back to the book, Damien then relates other famous witches from Bedfordshire’s past, tells how even just being old and living alone was enough for people to accuse you of being a witch which would often lead to your death.
The present day village is then described, including the fact that the sole remaining pub has had visits from the poltergeist of the manor, the house had fallen into a bad state of repair.

Damien’s attention to the poltergeist was drawn from a meeting with two couples who had witnessed an apparition of a female entering the manor, plus all swore to having stones thrown at them in the area, including in the pub garden, one of them still has a chip on the roof of his car as a result of this phenomena. Perhaps the worst part of this case was the ability of the poltergeist to follow people to their homes, surely this isn’t wanted and is, I would have thought, the biggest nightmare of all investigators.
The telling of legends continues, witches being burnt on a path by the Manor, the house itself being struck by lightning , ghostly voices being heard at night, two gypsy brothers who lived in caravans on the lane dying within one week of each other, also that the house itself had been cursed …………
The author then describes how he met with someone with knowledge of the haunting’s and the trip they took to investigate, first the village church, the seven headstones story was tantalising to say the least, On a second visit to the site (after the quiet first trip) Damien took a medium with him who immediately hit on a cover up in the graveyard.

Two of them then moved on to the Manor itself, a small 4 bed roomed house, in a bad state, roof fallen in, stairs missing, but allegedly nothing bad had happened in the building to any investigator, it was on the way back down the pathways things happened, sudden noises from animals they hadn’t noticed on the way in, stones being thrown at them, pebbles and general noise around a single tree, another stone thrown at the caravan, a smell of burning, what sounded like handfuls of stones being thrown on corrugated roofs of a shed on the land, this place sounds really active.
Damien then sought out other witnesses to the phenomenon, heard stories of pebbles hovering in midair before landing near people but no-one seemed to be hit, more cases of the poltergeist following people to their homes, but one thing struck all of them, it seemed the ghost was drawing attention to itself, almost craving company. But a meeting with the present owner dispelled the lightning theory (the roof had been damaged by a tree) and in the end after a visit by a 2nd medium who found nothing on the site, its hard to tell the truth about the whole affair, was the poltergeist attached only to certain people?, did it fear the visiting mediums and their abilities? We cant tell, but if you decide to follow the story up, Damien has given you a good insight into the history and legends behind it.

Bob Hunt

Review submitted: 25/01/2010
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Category: DVD & Video Reviews
Title: Hampshire Ghosts with Richard Felix Popular views:1152
Description   Hampshire Ghosts is a collection of ghost stories from around the county of Hampshire with Most Haunted historian Richard Felix.

The DVD only looks at about 10 stories from around Hampshire so there loads of room there to improve and expand the dvd for future editions.

The information is well presented and Mr Felix is good to watch and makes the stories interesting. There is only one major fault that I picked up on that was the story concerning the The White Swan Inn which Mr Felix visited. The pub he was in was indeed the white swan but not the white swan that is haunted by the ghost he was telling the story about...that pub is in the other end of the city.

Good watch though and strange to see your home county on DVD

David Scanlan
Review submitted: 04/12/2009
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